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Foster care fortnight

Gareth is supporting Foster care fortnight, an awareness raising event which starts tomorrow (Monday 14th May).  He says,

When I was growing up, I was always surrounded by lots of other children.  In addition to my three sisters my Mum and Dad fostered children. Over the years around 50 boys and girls of all ages, from different backgrounds have been a part of our family.

My parents wanted to give other children some of the security and love that we had. Many of the kids who came into our family didn’t have a great start in life and I know my Mum and Dad made a huge difference. I have seen first-hand, what a difference a foster carer can make on a child’s life.  That’s why I’m supporting the Fostering Network with this year’s Foster Care Fortnight.”

According to the T&A, Gareth will be planting one of trees to mark that a child goes into care every 22 minutes across the UK.

Read more about the issue here.