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Gareth goes back to school


Bradford’s local newspaper Telegraph & Argus confirms Gareth has been invited to give an exclusive performance at Tong High, a specialist sports and performing arts school, in front of 200 pupils.

Oh to be back at school!

Radio One’s Surgery with Aled… revisited

In June of last year Gareth was interviewed by Aled at Radio One, on his ‘Surgery’ programme, which tries to help others in similar situations. Gareth chatted about Stammering, it’s dibilitating effects and breathing techniques that have helped him, through the McGuire Programme control his stammer (on good days). He is the first to admit there are many bad days too.

The interview talks of the BBC 3 Documentary when Gareth was comissioned to follow the successes of fellow stammerers and help them transform their lives.


September message from Gareth

This month brings a new message and exciting news from Gareth:

Hi all, Just wanted to update you .. I’ve been busy writing more music and in the gym (!) I’m currently in the middle of a cleanse / detox ! I feel great! And I’ve been spending lots of time with my beautiful daughter Missy who recently started BIG school. Now I feel old! I went to see the show The Colour Purple last week at The Chocolate Factory. WOW! It’s inspired me to want to do more acting! Hope to see some of you soon at the gigs I’ve got coming up… Doncaster, Blackburn, Horsham are the next 3! Be good to get back out on the road.. Then it’s panto time and lots more exciting projects coming up next year! Hope you’re all well, Lots of love, Gareth x


Cuddle Rock TV Show in Germany

31s t August 2013 saw Gareth appearing on a ‘most beloved lovesong’  TV show, on German’s RTL channel, entitled ‘Cuddle Rock’ singing Unchained Melody-a huge hit for him in 2002.

Big thanks to Maverick and Noodle63 Here on the forum (look at the Twitter madness too) for recording it.

Eric Woolfson’s Somewhere in the Audience

Eric Woolfson Somewhere in the AudienceCelebrating the work of Eric Woolfson, a CD of new recordings of his work has been released, titled ‘Somewhere in the Audience’.  It boasts a host of West End and Broadway performers, including our very own Gareth Gates singing ‘Closer to Heaven’, which features in the musical ‘Gaudi’.

The full track-listing and options to buy the CD or download individual tracks is on amazon.

Other artists featured include Ben Forster, Steve Balsamo, Louise Dearman, Oliver Thompsett and Jon Lee.