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Buxton Gig 28.10.13

As St Jude’s storm battered many parts of Britain, Gareth’s original plan of driving to Buxton had to change.Gareth changed his plans to drive to Buxton due to the weather, thinking it would be easier by Rail, but cancelled trains meant reverting back to his original plan to drive in order to make the Northern gig in time. He made it-as did the other guys in the band! Performing new acoustic tracks with his guitarist Pete, he and his band then went on to rock Buxton. Gareth’s tweet promised fun for the night and he certainly delivered. One fan who braved the elements (and a five hour train journey) managed to record Can’t Believe It’s Over from Gareth’s third album-Pictures Of The Other Side:



Blackburn Gig.

Another great gig from Gareth with  great accounts and photos See Here from Dorral and Becky reporting of Gareth featuring 3 new songs.

Becky was able to bring us this:-

 If This Ain’t Love

Thanks guys!




Gareth plays football for Selebrity Soccer.

Sunday 6th October 2013 saw Gareth taking part in a Football Match at Leicester City Stadium and all for charity. Gareth wearing his side’s kit here

We haven’t captured Gareth scoring his goal (well done Gareth) but we do have him in action against one of the Towie Guys.