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We are Officially 10 Years Old Today!

We Are Officially 10 Years Old Today!!

It all began with an idea for a Gareth Gates fansite run exclusively by fans, way back in 2004.

The idea was worked on, the site paid for, rules established and with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, on 13/11/04, it was announced we were open for business.

With reports from Asia, China, USA, Europe and UK Snowdrop, the team and registered users have worked hard to make this site as interesting as possible, bringing Gareth news fresh off the press (in some cases ahead of the press)!

We have together celebrated Gareth’s voice, his awards, his tours, appearances and all things Gareth. We’ve commiserated too, on the not so good times (thankfully few in number).

This site has been responsible for bringing together many Gareth fans, uniting at concerts and appearances and lots of true friendships formed. (Gareth will never know of the shared train journeys, nights in bus stations and overcrowded hotel rooms)!

We sadly remember the loss of dedicated fans too- Gareth’s Hot Chick (Nicola), Pepper(Anita), her daughter Sweetie Pie (Tracey) and Babygates (Ruth).

We thank Gareth for all his hard work, contuining to entertain us and those who have contributed to make this site a special place to be a Gareth Gates fan.

(We must also thank our patient other halves, children and friends who have at times been neglected, in favour of many an hour spent posting on GPG)

Here’s to the next 10 years and a reminder of the last ten!


Bishops Cleeve Tithe Barn gig 5/9/14

Gareth so enjoyed entertaining the fans at this superb venue in Bishop’s Cleeve, situated in the heart of The Cotswolds.

The gig began with All Of Me(originally by John Legend) sang amazingly by Gareth, setting the tone for a great night.

In their review The Gloucestershire Echo had this to say about the “Charming guy, great singer and entertainer” 




The Singing Skater

As part of Gareth’s routine on this Dancing on Ice Tour, he has been priveledged to both sing and dance with his partner Brianne. ‘ Endless Love’ was sung at some of the earlier venues but ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ was his chosen sung here at Birmingham’s NIA and at other stages of the tour.

Jayne Torville said ‘The Singing Skater’ was a good idea for a new TV programme.  We quite agree!

Radio One’s Surgery with Aled… revisited

In June of last year Gareth was interviewed by Aled at Radio One, on his ‘Surgery’ programme, which tries to help others in similar situations. Gareth chatted about Stammering, it’s dibilitating effects and breathing techniques that have helped him, through the McGuire Programme control his stammer (on good days). He is the first to admit there are many bad days too.

The interview talks of the BBC 3 Documentary when Gareth was comissioned to follow the successes of fellow stammerers and help them transform their lives.


Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice

The show from ITV2 October 2008, when Gareth appeared alongside his Captain Holly Willoughby and TV presenter Dave Berry, has been added to Youtube.


Stop my Stutter: documentary for BBC3

Gareth led five new students as they undertook their first course on the McGuire programme, and this was recorded for a BBC3 documentary, Stop My Stutter.  Watch it in full here:

You can also watch a clip of Gareth, with student Simon, speaking to Holly and Phil on This Morning.

For more information on the McGuire Programme, go to their website.  You will find general information about stammering on the British Stammering Association page.

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – live

Gareth’s version of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, recorded live as part of the 25th Anniversary Tour of Les Miserables