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Gareth talks on Lorraine TV

Gareth is interviewed by Lorraine talking about Footloose, Musical Theatre and his stammer.

Radio One’s Surgery with Aled… revisited

In June of last year Gareth was interviewed by Aled at Radio One, on his ‘Surgery’ programme, which tries to help others in similar situations. Gareth chatted about Stammering, it’s dibilitating effects and breathing techniques that have helped him, through the McGuire Programme control his stammer (on good days). He is the first to admit there are many bad days too.

The interview talks of the BBC 3 Documentary when Gareth was comissioned to follow the successes of fellow stammerers and help them transform their lives.


On the radio

We were treated on Monday.  There was a pre-recorded interview aired on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, which you can catch ten minutes into this link. Available until Monday!

He was also on with Patrick Kielty, who was standing in for Steve Wright, on BBC Radio 2, where he talked about Legally Blonde, especially those dogs!  He also dodged questions about Masterchef.

Backstage at Loserville

With rehearsals well underway at Loserville, Gareth has filmed a couple of video clips telling us more.

Graham Norton interview, BBC Radio 2, 19th May

Gareth Gates and Graham Norton at BBC Radio 2

Gareth and Graham Norton

Gareth chatted to Graham Norton about his upcoming appearances in Momentous Musicals, Loserville and his transition into musical theatre, and how he’s enjoying spending time at home while working in Leeds.  His mum makes him a packed lunch each day!

If you missed it – listen here:

You can also download the podcast, which features an abbreviated version of the interview here.  (or right click to save from this link)

He also took the opportunity to have a go on the piano!

Gareth on the Radio 2 piano

Radio Leeds with Liz Green, 16th May 2012

Liz Green and Gareth Gates at BBC Radio Leeds

Liz and Gareth

Gareth popped into BBC Radio Leeds to have a One on One chat with Liz Green.  The interview lasted an hour, and covered a lot of Gareth’s background and career, from back when he was a choir boy at Bradford Cathedral, singing for the Queen through his pop career to his time in musicals.   Liz particularly loved Gareth in Les Misérables, and Loserville got a big old plug.

Gareth also picked some of his favourite songs to play.

The full interview with Liz (minus the music) is available on YouTube.

BBC Breakfast: Fostering Fortnight

Gareth was on BBC Breakfast this morning.  He was talking about his experiences growing up in a family that took in foster children as part of an awareness raising campaign for Fostering Fortnight and the 22 Minutes campaign.

Gareth Gates talks fostering on BBC Breakfast

Gareth’s interview starts at 3 minutes into the clip.

Gareth also manages a quick plug for Loserville, describing it as a fun show – and one where he’s going to need an American accent!

Interview: OK Magazine, 24th April 2012


Zoe Birkett and Gareth Gates

EACH weekend, the nation’s viewing millions have become transfixed with the small-screen battle between BBC1’s The Voice and ITV1’s Britain’s Got Talent, proving that the reality TV search for a star has never been bigger or more compelling.

In fact, it’s a full decade since the first example of the genre, Pop Idol – the predecessor to The X Factor – made its debut and turned us all into phone and text-voting obsessives, so we reckoned the time was right to celebrate the tenth anniversary of that ratings-grabbing show with two of its biggest young overnight stars, Gareth Gates and Zoe Birkett.

Gareth, of course, reached the Pop Idol final with the ultimate winner, Will Young – but coming runner-up has never held him back, and since those heady days he’s gone on to achieve major chart success, selling over three million records in the UK alone, while making his mark as the star of several stage musicals including Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Les Misérables.

Likewise Zoe – at 16, one of the youngest Pop Idol contestants, who went on to become the female champion – has never stopped working, also specialising in musical theatre in productions such as Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert – The Musical and Fame, and she’s just finished a hugely successful run of Hair in Munich.

 With 27-year-old Gareth a busy family man – he and wife Suzanne have a three-year-old daughter, Missy – and Zoe, 26, currently preparing for her next UK show, we were lucky to grab some time with the talkative twosome who’ve remained best mates over the years. 

So we whisked them off to one of Gareth’s favourite London restaurants, the exotic La Porte des Indes, where executive chef Mehernosh Mody’s stunning dishes combine traditional Indian cuisine with a French-Creole inspiration…

Read the full interview on the OK Magazine website

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Stop my Stutter: documentary for BBC3

Gareth led five new students as they undertook their first course on the McGuire programme, and this was recorded for a BBC3 documentary, Stop My Stutter.  Watch it in full here:

You can also watch a clip of Gareth, with student Simon, speaking to Holly and Phil on This Morning.

For more information on the McGuire Programme, go to their website.  You will find general information about stammering on the British Stammering Association page.