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  2. You're right Val, there's no way he played the guitar that much last year
  3. I have my new TV guide today , guests are Gareth , Ed Westwick , Rick Edwards Plus music from pop group AJR
  4. I am sure I speak for everyone here on GPG that our thoughts are with everyone affected by the terrorist attack in Manchester Arena last night. We pray for you all.
  5. Last week
  6. That's a great video Heather. Thanks for finding it. I don't remember Gareth playing the guitar as much as that when I saw the show.
  7. Not a review , but just seen this video on you tube
  8. I missed this on my local radio station it was also on Pulse 1 , which is the station I listen to.
  9. Thanks for letting us know Elaine . I have set up the recorder for next Sunday . On my Tivo Box , it does say Gareth is on . I can't remember who the other guests are. Music was from someone I hadn't heard of .
  10. Thanks for posting this Elaine. Will set the recorder in case I forget.
  11. Thank you for posting this Elaine good job it was noticed Incase Gareth or his management don't announce it.
  12. Thanks Elaine, we're away next week-end so must remember to record it.
  13. Elaine this is exciting news. Thanks for coming on here to share it with everyone.
  14. There was a programme on ITV this morning with Englebert Humperdinck on,it ended just before 9 30 and the presenter I think Aled jones said Gareth Gates is one of the Guests next week.
  15. Elaine rest assured we usually try to bring as much info as we can on here to help all fans. Here's the Listen Again interview if you want to hear it again. (We usually try to post it in Radio Promotion). Hope all ok with you.
  16. Looks like what may be a final review from Richmond Quite and indepth one too. All good.
  17. This was a lovely interview and really nice to have e listen again facility to be put up on Twitter for people like me who missed it.
  18. I shop in Sainsbury's and they have different bags. I don't think that the bag means anything. But could be wrong.
  19. I agree Val and Chris, he does like to give hints to certain things sometimes while teasing us in other ways lol.
  20. Chance to win 2 tickets to Cleckheaton ton Pulse Radio today at 10.00am. @Gareth_Gates chatting about his acoustic gig in #Cleckheaton June 4th. Win a pair of tix after 10am tomorrow …
  21. Cuppanut team are in Pontefract tomorrow 20/5/17. Cuppanut‏ @cuppanuttea 1 hours ago More We'll be having a taster session @farmercopley in pontefract Saturday. From around 10.30 am. Come visit us to taste and buy yours
  22. Yes I think it is I think sometimes Gareth goes the extra mile to let fans know certain things. This is one of them ( in my opinion).
  23. Looking at the bag in this picture, could it possibly be Sainsbury's
  24. Gareth has confirmed in a radio interview with Pulse2 that he has signed a deal with a huge supermarket for his tea (but not allowed to say who). ....I think it could begin with S....
  25. Gareth has confirmed he will be playing the piano at the Cleckheaton Gig. What a treat for all those going. BOOK TICKETS HERE
  26. You can LISTEN AGAIN here Gareth talks about the Cleckheaton gig abd loving being back in Bradford. He also talks about signing a new deal with a major store for his Cuppanutea.
  27. Newly taken current photos on this review Gareth Gates puts paid to the pop star cliché of playing the romantic lead by taking on the comedy role of Ren’s friend Willard. With his deep-south accent, straw hat, dungarees and toothpick he was almost unrecognisable from the gawky Pop Idol I remember and he proves in this production he is more than just a famous face with the cheekiness, charm and excellent comic timing he lends to his role. His cameo in Holding Out for a Hero also showed off some other new … ahem … assets. Not sure about the gawky Pop Idol bit
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