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  1. Last week
  2. It's at Burnley mechanics I only know because I got the brochure through for next year! The stage venue isn't very big and is a lot smaller venue to places it has been this year!!
  3. Then all this amazing couple etc started getting tweeted that we hear all the time anyway instead of praise for Gareth but glad to see that didn't last long and tweets praising Gareth started again in response to the interview.
  4. That was what I didn't like about the article in the Daily Mail. You would have thought the appearance was about the two of them rather than about Gareth's Stammer School. Much preferred the article in the Daily Mirror, who concentrated on what was important.
  5. It's 12 years since Gareth released Sunshine. (One of my favourite and a track that was received well by radio stations)
  6. It musn't be easy keeping Gareth's schedule updated so this is good news. However I would hope that if in the future there is more music Gareth reverts to his Official website (perhaps updated with more new photos etc) as I do think this is far more professional. For now we take what we can get. Hope people will transfer any updates here too please. Good that Gareth updated the Sunshine anniversary release. Thanks.
  7. Yesterday was the 100th show
  8. A review in from Eastbourne
  9. I think we must remember in general, people go out of their way to post negative comments but not so many post positive ones. It makes me feel better if I ignore the comments and concentrate on the article. It's amazing how the Daily Mail article focuses more on the relationship as opposed the good Gareth is doing for others. Once again the goodies in life never get much recognition.
  10. Things are looking up. There have been no less than 4 updates on Gareth's Facebook page today. One even announcing th 12 year anniversary of the release of Sunshine with a link to the video on youtube. I hope this is a sign that things will continue in this way in the future. No updates on his Website, so it seems Gareth is going to use Facebook or Twitter for future promotion.
  11. I'm never ever ever again bothering to read public comments on articles because there's always so much negativity, hardly any praise him yet go on about his hair, not aging well, bad dress sense, calling him z lister and all this other bull, not everyone will like what he's wearing so can't really moan about that but it's the general majority of negativity that annoys me, how anyone can think he doesn't age well is beyond me, not everyone will find him stunning, gorgeous etc of course but that's different, they can still not have the opinion he's aging badly.
  12. Thank you Heather and Chris for posting the various things, all lovely to see. I prefer the Mirror article to the Mail one as like you say it focuses more on the stammer school which is what the interview was mainly done for, as lovey the relation ship between Gareth and Faye is, we hear a lot about that already, just saying, not out of jealousy towards her or anything.
  13. Its on YouTube now
  14. Good to see the newspapers picking up on this story for Gareth. Think The Mirror focuses more on the stammering venture. Love the photos on Rex Features too. What was the bit with Jeremy Kyle?
  15. I managed to watch this morning , as Gareth had tweeted he was on Lorraine at 8.45am , he did great and has had some good online mentions . Lots of lovely photos on Rex Features
  16. Sometimes I wish I was on Facebook to read all these snippets buf no I am not going there but thank you for bringing that information here. Rich Winchup will be very good as he has young children too. It is a great venture for Gareth.
  17. It was a really good interview and Gareth spoke so well giving the message you can do things to help with your stammer but if you're having a bad day, that's ok too. I'm sure that's what people who stammer need to hear and known to help with their confidence .I read on Facebook that Rich Winchup is helping Gareth with this course. This is one of the best things Gareth has done in a long while.
  18. Thanks Elaine just picked it up from Twitter. Gareth was great. He spoke so eloquently and good to see him with Christine Lampard too. I really think he is an inspiration for all children with this venture.
  19. Not advertised but just shown Gareth in the studio
  20. Earlier
  21. A review from Preston Who would have thought that Gates could be such a great comedic actor, he brings a light hearted, slightly sassy character to life and has the audience loving him even before the big 'reveal'! Hard to imagine that several of this evening’s members of the audience would not even have been around when he first shot to fame in 2002 as runner up in Pop Idol, oh how that boy has grown up! His courtship of Rusty brings many funny moments and he gives a great rendition of 'Momma Says'. Sillet is fantastic as Rusty and there is great timing and chemistry between her and Gates. Dowen and Price equally own their characters and give amazing performances.
  22. This is a nice Good Luck for Gareth: Good on Gareth Gates for getting his own show on BBC Radio Leeds. We’ve just worked with Smooth Radio to celebrate its RAJAR figures and know what a tough market it is. These days millennials prefer streaming music, and Gareth’s definitely got the X-factor needed to appeal to an older listener. As a friend of Brazen, he’s one of the nicest guys in showbiz, and we wish him lots of luck.
  23. We have another update LOOK HERE
  24. Thanks for telling us about Gareth on the Elvis show Elaine , I wasn't watching the programme last night , it was a repeat I think .
  25. I was watching that for a while, but then fell asleep, so I missed it. Thanks for telling us Elaine.
  26. There was a programme on ITV tonight The Nations favourite Elvis song. It was a nice surprise to see Gareth on there saying Suspicious Minds, it came in at no 2, and there was a glimpse of him singing it later on in the show.
  27. How exciting is this? So look forward to hearing Gareth and the tunes he chooses.
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