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  2. He posted some more photos on his Twitter account. Sounds like he was great.
  3. What a lovely tweet: Stammer@BSA‏ @stammer 5m5 minutes ago More Hanging out with @Gareth_Gates He was exceptional, just the right touch of personal experience and a warm welcome to all our amazing winners
  4. First photo is on Twitter
  5. Last week
  6. Yes Missy looks quite the little lady now doesn't she.
  7. So agree Khelda, he has done so much since then, yet all that is mentioned is the Panto,s I also think Gareth is not good at promoting himself.
  8. Thanks Heather.
  9. Thanks Heather. I don't know why they still have to talk about pop idol which was so many years ago, instead they should talk about all the musical shows he has done recently and is still doing.IMO.
  10. Gareth had a busy weekend with Missy and him going to shows. How lovely for them both. Love the photos. Missy is growing up fast. Michelle Heaton looks tired. Hasn't she just come back from a fund raising bike ride in India?
  11. I wonder how the audition process works as they take the show on tour? Do they all have to re-apply I wonder? Will be interesting to see how the new Rev performs because I thought the last one was a bit stiff. I may think differently of him when I see the new one. Looking forward to seeing the show. Thanks for the vlog from Gareth Heather.
  12. Thank you for finding this and posting it Heather, can imagine Gareth will put it up on his FB and Twitter in the next couple of days.
  13. Gareth's Mother's Day Message on You Tube ( ticket Deal for Footloose )
  14. This interview with The Warrington Guardian is to promote Robin Hood
  15. Thanks Heather, not seen the ones with Missy on before.
  16. Thanks Heather, they are great.
  17. There are some great photos of Gareth , Missy and Michelle Heaton from the Smurfs Premiere yesterday Sunday 19th March . Different ones on Getty Images gates&excludenudity=true&sort=best
  18. Thanks Heather so many things we get rid of and then wish we hadn't, but mine was a big music centre, just took up too much space. but I have lots of vynal albums also in my loft and they are so popular again, beginning to wish I had held on to my music centre.
  19. The only names, apart from Gareth, Maureen and Hannah (of course), that I recognise from last year are Alex Marshall (who plays Ethel's brother), Luke Dowling and Lauren Storer (who were swings). Can't say that I recognise any of the other new cast at all. Hope they are all as good, or better, than last year. Yes, Chris, it is a new Rev. I had been thinking that it was about time they were announced, as rehearsals must start fairly soon.
  20. I bought a Panasonic DMR-EZ49V about 3 years ago , I have checked and the are still on sale (not cheap ) It plays videos ,DVDs and also converts Videos to DVD .
  21. Thanks for posting Eternal , I hope the new Ren is as good as the previous Ren .
  22. The full cast has now been confirmed It's a new Ren! Hannah Price was Aerial before (and very good). Is it a new Reverend (looks at Lindajan who is a bit of a whiz re the cast)?
  23. Looks like Asda do it
  24. Gareth chose the best day for weather to go to Cheltenham, it looked really nice and sunny but since then has been freezing, seems the weather has gone back to feeling like winter. I love a day at the races but never been to Cheltenham as it's usually not warm enough this time of year.
  25. I didn't know that. And wouldn't know where to take them Val. But thanks for letting me know, think I put them all in the loft.
  26. Earlier
  27. Then looks like (slightly later possibly) with a few of 'the lads' Good to see Gareth having a good time.
  28. Looks like he was enjoying being with MattWilton
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