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  2. Earlier today from Gareth. On my way to @FootlooseTour rehearsals
  3. Thank you for that Chris, really nice interview from Gareth, he seems to be really enjoying the comedy as this is something completely different for him. i hadn't realised that the cast was changing for this years Footloose, they all really played good parts last year.
  4. Gareth begins his round of interviews. This is nice. 15 years touring!
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  6. My niece went to the one in Huddersfield, but I don't think that Bradford or Huddersfield ones are running anymore. It's great though to hear that Gareth has a new academy with Faye.
  7. Thanks Chris, a nice review, its a fun show and the cast all enjoyed themselves, therefore the audience as well.
  8. The academy in Bradford/Huddersfield is no longer running 🙁 x
  9. Oh course, can't wait to see this x
  10. There's a blogreview in:
  11. Don't we usually get a photo shoot just before an announcement of something new? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
  12. We have an update LOOK HERE
  13. Thanks Chris, jacket is lovely and flatters his tan x
  14. Thank you for posting this gorgeous pic in here Chris 😍X
  15. Seems a shame not to have a photo of Gareth in that lovely suede jacket on here. Here it is. Thanks Dorral.
  16. Happy Easter 2017 everyone from us all at GPG
  17. I have this on my favourites , I like to watch again
  18. 1200 people attend three shows over Sunday and Monday:
  19. Thank you, yes we need it here, Gareth was a very convincing Cheryl.
  20. Thought we could do with this in here as it may get lost in the system. Gareth sings the part of Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud, all for charity.
  21. Just seen this it's beautiful and the kind of thing I want Gareth to do in the future. He is made for musicals and musical theatre, thank you Chris.
  22. Please don't apologise for starting this thread. It is News so thankyou. Am today still thinking it is not a good move for Gareth but trying to be positive.
  23. Firstly I appologise for starting a thread by mistake when there already was a thread in chat. If it's a problem you can move it. i think we can only hope that Gareth has all the right contacts and is head hunted for shows, but think with regards to doing any new music he needs an experienced manager for promotion .
  24. I'm struggling to decide what I feel about all this, guess as long as Gareth still gets work and there will be new music at some point and that he is promoted well, that's the main thing but I'd hope Paul is a lot better at that than Gareth as he has never been any good at promoting himself. I just hope Gareth was very respectful and thankful to Ali for all she's done for him when he told her about this.
  25. Half a Sixpence. This is great!
  26. Thanks for contacting Ali and sharing her reply with us. What a shame for all concerned. Whilst I don't think Ali has ever been particularly in favour of GPG, she has always replied to emails from fans and tried to keep us 'in the loop' wherever possible. She has worked hard for Gareth over many years and am sure she has a great knowledge of both the music and TV industry. If Gareth's dad is now managing Gareth, I think I would feel a little uncomfortable emailing him as I did Ali (because he is family). Unless we start to see a huge upturn in Gareth's website etc being updated and him being promoted, I too can't help but think this is not a wise decision.
  27. I think this is a dreadful move and a big mistake , thanks for letting us know Elaine .
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