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  1. Went to the panto this afternoon. It was absolutely fantastic. It was so so funny. All the characters are so good and the scenery is amazing. Gareth was fantastic and his voice so lovely. He sang Unchained Melody which got a fabulous reception. So so pleased was able to go.
  2. Anyone travelling to Wolverhampton tomorrow please be aware the Christmas Market begins (may be some traffic delays)
  3. There are more venues added on Gareth's event page It also says New Gareth Gates Website coming soon!?
  4. But leading man and star of the show is Gareth Gates, looking rugged and sounding smooth. His pop star vocals are as sweet as ever, and he treats us to a rendition of Unchained Melody that gives me shivers. He looks great in panto costume and handles the action well, leaving the broad comedy to the others. His voice blends well with Sarah Vaughan’s Jill, and a traditional routine on a wall with interference from Simple Simon offers one of this funny shows funniest moments. There is a chaotic version of The 12 Days of Christmas, complete with water pistols, and a delightful moment with youngsters brought up from the audience. Blimey it was a busy press night!
  5. Some reviews are in following Press Night: Gareth Gates tops the bill as 'Jack'. Happy to be playing a role other than the prince, Gates' performance is both understated and credible. Whilst a show like this is absolutely about the star names on the bill, the setup of pantomime is gruelling and takes its toll. Gates is a safe pair of hands who gets stuck into the spirit of things and has a strong singing voice. Gareth Gates sang beautifully, and it was a pleasure to hear him sing Unchained Melody. It was surprising that pop songs were used throughout the show, as I have never come across that in a panto before. It really worked though, and I found myself thinking that that Jack and the Beanstalk soundtrack would be a number one seller! X Factor star Gareth Gates is marvellous as Jack the lad himself
  6. This was Chris Evans this morning talking about the Great British Pantomime Awards and this is the where they will take place next year. Have to keep our eyes on the site for this year's nominations.
  7. Some fab photos coming from the rehearsal rooms
  8. Thanks for posting this Maria. A lovely statement. Love the pics too.
  9. Thanks for letting us see this article Heather. Gareth opens up quite a bit including admitting his stammer has held him back. Not sure I have read/heard that from him before?
  10. You are right Linda. According to the article in New Magazine HERE it's January 27th & 28th 2018. Moving it back into News!
  11. Well done Gareth and well done The Sun printing it. Thanks Elaine.
  12. Thanks for posting this Maria. How come I (not being on Facebook) can see this video but I can't see others? Does Gareth say he is in Malaysia for 2 weeks?
  13. Thanks for posting this Val. As you know not on Facebook so can't see it. Is this Sharon who we met at Stratford? If so, good to know she is still around.
  14. Another lovely tweet to keep Razwana Mahmood‏ More Replying to @Gareth_Gates @kersten_england You were a real star and a gentleman. Thank you for taking the time to talk to people without rushing off or rushing them. You made the night extra special for many and we're looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you @DragonBoatsBrad 23 or 24 June 2018 in Saltaire.