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  1. That's a fabulous review Linda. It certainly is in depth about the whole show but she does go far and beyond with her review of Gareh. This is the bit I particularly like One thing that impresses, mightily, is how modest an on stage performer he proves. For not a second does he steal, or impinge on, anyone else’s scene, or lines, or vocals. Much of the time he hovers modestly in the background, Nor does Gareth try to steal anyone's thunder in the closing songs either. He salutes everyone before he himself is saluted (with his very quickly letting Ren take the cheers). Interesting what the reviewer has to say about the programme too with no cast list. Thanks for posting it. Was a delight to read.
  2. Linda you need to give up your day job! Surely a theatre critic appointment awaits? How do u manage to notice/ remember all the changes? These are my few thoughts. Such changes have certainly made the production better ( even though I thought it great before). I definitely preferred Joshua Dowen as Ren. Whilst I didnt think he had quite as strong a voice ás Luke Baker, he was a softer Ren but clearly as energetic. Bringing the poetry wall forward and more prominent sure does make more of an impact to the story. The biggest change to the production for me was Reverend Moore. This new guy seems more assured/ definite. Have to agree with you about Maureen Nolan' voice. It definitely seems stronger. Ethel MCormack was the only one change I wasnt sure about. She was incredible to play 3 different roles but she just didnt look old enough to be Ren's mother. I loved the new Chuck. He was more agressive in the part oh and any girl would fall for him! What talent too! Emma Fraser playing Wendy Jo was amazing. She was one of those actresses that stood out from the rest of the girls. That Willard was ok !! Not acting quite so dumb/silly ( not sure of the correct word without offending anyone) was certainly better. His voice was much richer too. That song Somebody'Eyes mesmorises me! Thanks for a fabulous detailed review Linda, that am sure everyone has loved reading and/or encouraged to go and see more Footloose. It has certainly encouraged me!
  3. Firstly apologies for not being able to come and let eveyone know how our day went, sooner. If I know anyone has been to a show/gig I am always waiting for a post to see how it's all gone so sorry for the delay. We had a great day in Coventry. Never having been to the city before I wasnt sure what to expect. It is certainly a mix of old and new buildings. The theatre is in a very pleasant location and its foyer one would feel more than comfortable just popping in for a coffee. We went to an afternoon performance which for me never seems to have quite the same buzz as an evening performance but those actors on stage certainly created a buzz ( and us three had a buzz of our own too). I am not sure what the differences are to last years show ( which I loved too) but this from the beginning felt tighter more dynamic and bursting with even more energy. There was no clothes rail on the stage ( which foxed me before) and a different curtain ( not sure what it is called)too making the show feel different from the start. I loved the new Ren. He bought something else to the part. Gareth was absolutely great. He did play more guitar and more piano ( at the front piano) showing off his talents more clearly. Him singing Mamma says has to be the highlight of the show. Gareth seems to ooze his enjoyment of performing it. His voice sounded very good indeed. The audience were up on their feet at the end and I think everyone left singing ' Footloose' to themselves. We did go to the stage door and Gareth came out quite soon after. He was dressed in black gymwear . He was just so lovely in having photos etc taken with everyone, even though the guy who plays the Reverand ( who Gaŕeth was obviously going to eat/ to the gym with) carried on without him. It was a great day and seeing Gareth in shows like this makes me realise he was born to perform. Long may it continue.
  4. Another great mention of Gareth in this review too
  5. Our thought go out to all those affected by this awful, awful tragedy. Grenfell Tower, London So much heartache in the world at the moment.
  6. Off to see Footloose tomorrow with Yvonne and Linda Can anyone please check here and let us know (on our contact numbers) if Gareth is not going to be appearing, please? Many thanks.
  7. A fab review in from Coventry 5***** Footloose as an individual track is a tune I have been familiar with and known the words to since I can remember. Footloose as a show with a full range of foot-tapping musical numbers (which I could now listen to on repeat) I was not at all familiar with, however the incarnation of the show which is currently playing at Coventry Belgrade Theatre, is now rooted as a firm favourite. Not least because this version is an actor/musician production which is no mean feat. Popular hits such as Let’s Hear It For The Boy, Holding Out For a Hero and Almost Paradise filled the auditorium and naturally, the title track had the place rocking. A personal highlight was Somebody’s Eyes which was a haunting yet catchy recurring theme and I have to give a mention to Learning To Be Silent as the harmonies were spectacular (kudos to Maureen Nolan, Lindsay Goodhand and Hannah Price). The story is straight forward, teenage lad’s father does a runner, leaving him and his mum in the lurch. They move in with a kind uncle who lives in a small town with ridiculous rules. No dancing being one of the outlandish regulations. The tragic reason behind the town’s strict defences? A fatal car accident which resulted in the deaths of four youths, one of whom is significant to the plot. A Preacher is at the centre of the town’s inflexibility, and his wayward daughter is desperate to get out and rebel. Joshua Dowen as the iconic character (and young new boy in town who wants to challenge the no dancing rule) Ren McCormack, blew Kevin Bacon’s performance out of the water. A more versatile performer at the helm I couldn’t have imagined, he completely made the role his own. Hannah Price as Ariel Moore (the Preacher’s trouble-seeking daughter) was a superb match for him and I was impressed with her seamless interchanges between instruments and the heart of the action. Gareth Gates was a revelation as Willard, for more reasons than one! I expected an amazing vocal performance from him, however as an actor he surpassed himself. His characterisation was nothing short of incredible. Maureen Nolan is another performer whom I had preconceived ideas about, Vi (Ariel’s mum) was a perfect fit for Nolan and her vocal ability remains incomparable. Reuven Gershon gave a strong and extremely notable performance as Rev Shaw Moore, his solo performance in act two was another highlight. I am also delighted to have been introduced to the extraordinary talent of Lindsay Goodhand. Not only did she take on three very different roles (Ethel McCormack, Betty and Coach Dunbar) and play each one brilliantly, but I was blown away with her singing voice. When she wasn’t acting, singing or roller skating(!) she had an instrument to play. The set was multi-purpose and lent itself to the instruments that were an integral part of the scenery. The few scene changes required were seamless and there were a few hidden surprises too. An audience collectively on their feet and boogeying as one to a finale mash-up, coupled with whoops, cheers and my own personal feeling that I could watch it again, again and again – is a winning combination. I needed more than one pair of eyes to watch this energetic and stellar cast giving one of the most joyous theatrical experiences. Don’t miss this show, it’s the ultimate feel-good musical and you won’t be able to stop smiling!
  8. Anyone off to Blackpool for tonight's gig, have a fab time.
  9. We hear one of our members Nicola Jayne (Elaine) is unwell and in hospital. Wishing her a speedy recovery from us all at GPG.
  10. Thanks to Maria on Twitter for this post re Blackpool this Sunday 11/6/17 Lovely vid of @Gareth_Gates posted by Viva Blackpool on FB ahead of his gig, looking gorgeous as always … Gareth talks of performing "brand new songs I've been writing"
  11. It seems Gareth wasn't Willard yesterday. It may be worth following who update on understudies. Log in before setting off for a show and at least you will be prepared if Gareth isn't go to be on for that performance. It's very rare he isn't.
  12. Oh thanks so much for letting us know about your visit to Llandudno. What a great review. Interesting how they have changed the format and lovely to hear what Val overheard the group of women saying. Made me look forward to seeing it more next week.
  13. This reviewer from Wales: I wasn’t sure what to expect with Gareth Gates as he played the part of Willard, but I was pleasantly surprised by the comedic role that he has in the show,
  14. Reviews begin from Llandudno
  15. Cuppanut team are in Brent Garden centre this Sunday 11/6/17 Cuppanut‏ @cuppanuttea 3h3 hours ago More Cuppanut Retweeted Bents Garden & Home We will be doing a taster session @BentsGardenHome this Sunday, Come see us to try and buy Cuppanut added, Bent