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  1. What a lovely tweet: Stammer@BSA‏ @stammer 5m5 minutes ago More Hanging out with @Gareth_Gates He was exceptional, just the right touch of personal experience and a warm welcome to all our amazing winners
  2. First photo is on Twitter
  3. Gareth had a busy weekend with Missy and him going to shows. How lovely for them both. Love the photos. Missy is growing up fast. Michelle Heaton looks tired. Hasn't she just come back from a fund raising bike ride in India?
  4. I wonder how the audition process works as they take the show on tour? Do they all have to re-apply I wonder? Will be interesting to see how the new Rev performs because I thought the last one was a bit stiff. I may think differently of him when I see the new one. Looking forward to seeing the show. Thanks for the vlog from Gareth Heather.
  5. The full cast has now been confirmed It's a new Ren! Hannah Price was Aerial before (and very good). Is it a new Reverend (looks at Lindajan who is a bit of a whiz re the cast)?
  6. Looks like Asda do it
  7. Then looks like (slightly later possibly) with a few of 'the lads' Good to see Gareth having a good time.
  8. Looks like he was enjoying being with MattWilton
  9. Hello magazine commenting how dapper Gareth looked for his day at Cheltenham races Well done Hello focusing on his dapperness!!
  10. Thanks for letting us know Linda. It is hard for us to keep up with all that is going on in Gareth's life so anything new spotted we do appreciate being told so events on here can be altered (not like Gareth's official site). Wonder why Begium has been omitted? Seemed to me a strange event being a one off in Europe.
  11. Thanks to both Elaine and Maria. What a fab listen to the interview with Adrian Chiles. Gareth was great. He was able to open up like we haven't heard before. Adrian of course is a great interviewer, putting people at ease. He is a local 'lad' to where I live so I follow his career with interest. I met him only last year at a local gig. Lovely he interviewed Wendy too. What she said made me cry.
  12. Looking at ticket booking HERE there's already a few dates nearly sold out!
  13. This is great news - so close! A first for Gareth as Jack- great. It is going to sell very well too. As well as Gareth being a huge draw, Lisa Riley is extremely popular as is Doreen Tipton. She has a huge following.
  14. and some of the tweets: John Owen-Jones‏Verified account @johnowenjones Mar 11 More @Gareth_Gates bloody hell Jen Davey‏ @roodavey More @Gareth_Gates Holy shit you look beautiful. Amelia Dean‏ @noviceya22 More @Gareth_Gates wow you look fabulous shelley Garth‏ @shelleyGarth1 More @Gareth_Gates is that you?? Omg you look beautiful lol Lilly Marie‏ @LilMissNaughty7 More @Gareth_Gates that scaringly suits you! Neil Mc‏ @N_E_I_L_M_C More @Gareth_Gates and there was me thinking it was @michkeegan #michellekeegan #antanddec Lisa Lund‏ @hollings_lisa 22 hours ago More @Gareth_Gates omg you look fabulous totally believable and stunning my brother thought you were a model he loved u 4 a minute xxx Lorna‏ @lornaE2016 More @Gareth_Gates you make a better girl then i do
  15. Let's keep the image on here