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  1. It's 12 years since Gareth released Sunshine. (One of my favourite and a track that was received well by radio stations)
  2. It musn't be easy keeping Gareth's schedule updated so this is good news. However I would hope that if in the future there is more music Gareth reverts to his Official website (perhaps updated with more new photos etc) as I do think this is far more professional. For now we take what we can get. Hope people will transfer any updates here too please. Good that Gareth updated the Sunshine anniversary release. Thanks.
  3. Yesterday was the 100th show
  4. A review in from Eastbourne
  5. I think we must remember in general, people go out of their way to post negative comments but not so many post positive ones. It makes me feel better if I ignore the comments and concentrate on the article. It's amazing how the Daily Mail article focuses more on the relationship as opposed the good Gareth is doing for others. Once again the goodies in life never get much recognition.
  6. Its on YouTube now
  7. Good to see the newspapers picking up on this story for Gareth. Think The Mirror focuses more on the stammering venture. Love the photos on Rex Features too. What was the bit with Jeremy Kyle?
  8. Sometimes I wish I was on Facebook to read all these snippets buf no I am not going there but thank you for bringing that information here. Rich Winchup will be very good as he has young children too. It is a great venture for Gareth.
  9. Thanks Elaine just picked it up from Twitter. Gareth was great. He spoke so eloquently and good to see him with Christine Lampard too. I really think he is an inspiration for all children with this venture.
  10. A review from Preston Who would have thought that Gates could be such a great comedic actor, he brings a light hearted, slightly sassy character to life and has the audience loving him even before the big 'reveal'! Hard to imagine that several of this evening’s members of the audience would not even have been around when he first shot to fame in 2002 as runner up in Pop Idol, oh how that boy has grown up! His courtship of Rusty brings many funny moments and he gives a great rendition of 'Momma Says'. Sillet is fantastic as Rusty and there is great timing and chemistry between her and Gates. Dowen and Price equally own their characters and give amazing performances.
  11. This is a nice Good Luck for Gareth: Good on Gareth Gates for getting his own show on BBC Radio Leeds. We’ve just worked with Smooth Radio to celebrate its RAJAR figures and know what a tough market it is. These days millennials prefer streaming music, and Gareth’s definitely got the X-factor needed to appeal to an older listener. As a friend of Brazen, he’s one of the nicest guys in showbiz, and we wish him lots of luck.
  12. We have another update LOOK HERE
  13. How exciting is this? So look forward to hearing Gareth and the tunes he chooses.
  14. Thanks for giving us the Listen Again Maria. It's very inspiring, Gareth's idea and sure it will help so many children. It's the time to deal it in childhood.
  15. They have now launched their new website which is rather impressive