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  1. Tickets are now available for the Pizza Express Gigs: 23rd February 2018 Maidstone BOOK HERE 24th February 2018 Birmingham BOOK HERE 25th February 2018 Holborn BOOK HERE Excited about this one
  2. And here me thinking it would be one if the Southampton mini cruises ( puts savings back into money box) How wonderful Gareth will be joining the ship in The Carribean.(no Bay Of Biscay sway) Lucky passengers too. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for confirming this information Maria. Good to see Gareth is doing Pizza Express Birmingham (for me). Looks a great venue A great treat for anyone booked on the cruises too. Well actually it is good news for us all that Gareth must feel he is ready to sing again at such gigs. Yes Valr looks like Gareth is balancing his life with business and his love singing. Am sure it will still be more hectic than this schedule appears.
  4. I wonder where the Pizza Express Tour is? This could be a great event.
  5. Gareth has now confirmed this gig.
  6. According to Gareth's Official Website, the following gigs are listed 07/10/17 – BJ’s Bingo, Leigh27/10/17 – DJ gig06/11/17 – Live gig Blackpool 12/11/17 – Butlins. Skegness 01/12/17 – Turning on Christmas lights, Wednesbury20/01/18 – 24/01/18 – P&O Cruise 03/02/18 – Live gig, Glasgow 13/02/18 – 19/02/18 – P&O Cruise 23/02/18 – 25/02/18 – Pizza Express Tour 12/03/18 – 16/03/18 – P&O Cruise 26/03/18 – 29/03/18 – P&O Cruise 27/04/18 – 01/05/18 – P&O Cruise 19/05/18 – Live Gig, Mill Rythe 09/06/18 – Live Show, Butlins Skegness 21/07/18 – Live show. Warner’s Holliday Camp 02/08/18 – 05/08/18 – P&O Cruise 09/08/18 – 10/08/18 – Hemsby Holiday Camp 14/08/18 – 16/08/18 – P&O Cruise UUpdateUpdpd Dates for Panto in Wolverhampton and Footloose Tour in Bridlington and Liverpool included too on website No details of all locations yet but looks like a packed year ahead.
  7. Lovely you are able to go to the Panto Elaine. It seems it was sold very well before the cast had even been confirmed. Then of course the tickets soared!!
  8. Couldn't leave without including this one too Now we all know Gareth Gates from Pop Idol, so we knew he could sing but could he act? Having been the first time we have seen him we thought he was utterly superb. I had wanted to tone down the praise for Gareth knowing he was one of the better known names and wished to credit the incredible cast that he works with however his Portayal of Willard was both fantastic and had me constantly laughing. He was certainly the best Robin this Batman could have! His portrayal of this slightly slow on the ball kid kept us on fits of laughter whether it was him telling us all about life lessons his mum had told him, the fact he always wanted a fight and the need to be advised on his love life approaches to Rusty.
  9. As Gareth finishes his 3 week run at the Peacock Theatre in the West End we find a review that says it al l: Standout Performance? But the standout performance of the night is from Gareth Gates. Having risen to fame by being a finalist in the very first Pop Idol talent show on television, in 2002, he has become a seasoned actor, singer, dancer and musician. He brings a much-needed comedy to the piece – amongst the rather worthy youngsters – and makes a jaw-dropping transformation from overalls-wearing, toothpick chewing village idiot, Willard, into a bare-chested, shades-wearing hunk all torso-twisting with glistening skin and knowing smiles. The audience clearly approved, bringing uproar to the theatre. And his character continued his development by emerging from simple soul to thoughtful contributor to the bid to reinstate dancing in Bowood. The scene where he ‘learns’ to dance, is comedy and theatre gold.
  10. I've tried the Doreen Tipton one again and it works for me.
  11. This is from Doreen Tipton who Gareth is appearing with He is going to have a hoot!
  12. There's a great radio interview from Black Country Radio
  13. All flavours look very tastey.
  14. I'm excited to announce my new business venture - a range of Coconut based foods. Please all follow @cookanutfood Big congratulations to him. He is launching HERE today
  15. It's up now! Scroll through to 1.59 mins. (when interviewing Gareth an advert appears) just wait 3 secs and it will disappear and resume back to Gareth)