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  1. It may be possible that Gareth will be playing Jospeh. Generally in theatre especially in the West End, after the actual cast member has left, their understudy will take over for a few weeks/shows depending on the run. So maybe Gareth will be coming in after Cinderella? Hope so anyway :hyper:
  2. Phantom 2 is set to be ready by late 2009. And I agree with the ageing etc but maybe with a bit of make-up at the mask Gareth might just make it Great news about panto though! I'm sure Gareth will love it, and most usually get really great write ups so I can't wait to see what the critics think of Gareth.
  3. I also missed the link in my haste to see the photos. :tongue: It is a great video. Gareth and Maria look so perfect skating together.
  4. How sad for Gareth and his family about his Nan. And also, how touching it was that he said how much he admired his Nan and that he did it for her. :heart: It's a shame the tour is coming to an end. I'm sure Gareth withh take a well deserved rest then come back with some bigger and better tunes than he has done already . (And there's the wedding )
  5. Oooh great photos
  6. Thanks Snowdrop:)
  7. :smile: That made me laugh. I bought Now the other day actually. Gareth looks lovely in the photo and the ladies look very pleased with themselves. But who wouldn't, eh?
  8. I really like that photo for the fact that its so natural. No big poses or anything (ahem, Zaraah) and a lovely smile.
  9. I've only just caught up with this thread. Linda, how lucky you were. Its so really amazing what happned to you. You must have been thrilled. :hyper: And also thanks lillian for your report.
  10. How sad to hear this. It really is heart-braking. I ddn't know Nicola very well but from what I knew, she was a lovely person. I hope she has found peace and my thoughts are with her family at this sad time. -xx-
  11. Gareth looks lovely in those pictures In fact, do does Linda . That hotel is gorgeous I'd do anything to spend a night in there And eternal, Jayne Torvill is coming up for 51 in October
  12. Is it wrong that I got really excited by that photo?
  13. Those are all really great photos! I think Linda looks gorgeous!
  14. Awww I really like that. It was a brilliant routine. It must have looked great live! :yes:
  15. Sounds like you had a brilliant time. And you even got to meet Gareth for a minute, so that must have been a bonus on top of the night!