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  1. The only names, apart from Gareth, Maureen and Hannah (of course), that I recognise from last year are Alex Marshall (who plays Ethel's brother), Luke Dowling and Lauren Storer (who were swings). Can't say that I recognise any of the other new cast at all. Hope they are all as good, or better, than last year. Yes, Chris, it is a new Rev. I had been thinking that it was about time they were announced, as rehearsals must start fairly soon.
  2. When I was looking at the Footloose website the other day, I noticed that Belgium is no longer on the list of venues (neither is Chester but Gareth wasn't doing that one anyway). I can only assume that the tour is no longer going to those venues. I doubt that this will affect many or any of us but I'm sure I saw some replies elsewhere from someone in Belgium, who was pleased to have the opportunity to see Gareth. I think Gareth's Facebook still has all the original venues but updates on there seem very sporadic.
  3. Lovely to see Gareth singing at the light switch-on in Ayr, especially 'You Raise Me Up' which I don't remember hearing him perform before. Thanks for finding this, Chris.
  4. The panto in Ayr is the one that Karen Courtney's company puts on. As Gareth is working with her on Cuppanut, she probably asked him to do the Xmas lights (he's also friends with Michelle Heaton). Possibly of more concern is the gig in Malaysia for A Journey Through Time. Last year he performed on 20th Nov (a Friday), if this year's event is the same weekend (I haven't managed to find a date), he could be performing on 18th Nov then having to be back in Scotland for 20th!
  5. This is Gareth's interview from Rutland Radio this morning. It's mainly about the gig at Melton Theatre on 30th October. I don't want to post on an open forum so hope it's OK in here. 161026RutlandRadioMeltonGigGarethwRobPersani.mp3
  6. Val, I think you've misunderstood. Luke Baker played Ren all week at Milton Keynes. It was Chuck who is now played by Tom Hier rather than Matthew Tomlinson, who left after Leicester - Tom is good in the role although doesn't quite look the part as he is blonde (only really because I've seen Matthew in the role). Nigel Lister left a few weeks ago and was replaced by David J Higgins (I think) - again he didn't look quite right in the part but I preferred his singing voice. Thanks for your report, Elaine, and it was lovely to see you again too. Gareth was flawless as Willard and, although I loved his performance from the very first time, I do think that he grew into the role and added a few subtle touches, especially in his interactions with other cast members. His rendition of Mama Says is brilliant - it really is one of the stand-out performances in the show, Gareth always manages to bring that extra something special to whatever he sings. (I never saw a shortened version of it at any of the shows I saw.) There were many more people at the stage door than at other shows, probably because it was a Saturday and, of course, the final show. Gareth said that he was exhausted and was obviously longing to get home to Faye but he stayed to have photos, sign autographs and chat until everyone had had their chance. The stalls were almost completely full, hardly any seats when I booked at 2pm - think there were some seats in the upper tiers though. Before the show I was sitting in the foyer and happened to notice Gareth creeping through - hoodie up, head down, on his phone - as he went across to the ticket desk. It was obvious that he didn't want to be recognised so I just watched and really don't think anyone else noticed him! (BTW Elaine, if you go past the multi-storey car park next to the stage door and cross over the road (Aylesbury Boulevard, I think), you can park in the purple zone for 50p per hour up to 6pm, then free. I only paid £2.50 on Wednesday (parked just after 1pm until nearly 11pm) and 50p on Saturday as I arrived just after 5pm.)
  7. The 'Healthy Living' magazine is actually free from independent health stores - if you can find one that is!
  8. There's a link in the first post to the website, then click 'Read Online'. If you want to save the page, make it full-screen then press 'Print Screen' on your keyboard and save as a file on your computer.
  9. Sorry, I knew about this a few days ago on Twitter - should have thought to post in here. Only available in independent health stores (not one near me) but can be read online. A very good article which is a bit different from others we have seen before. Lovely pics of Gareth too!
  10. Lovely videos - Gareth was obviously having a great time catching up with Matt and meeting Ronnie for the first time. There's another one now following on from the one outside the cathedral: Thanks for asking Matt to make them public, Val. Gareth has posted a vlog on Twitter from inside the cathedral but I don't know how to post the link. A real treat today to get a vlog and three videos though. Gareth sounding and looking fantastic.
  11. Thought this might have been a charity gig which would have been why Gareth would have wanted to appear to support the charity. I had thought it unlikely that he would fly out to Spain on his one day off between venues unless it was for a good cause. Whether his illness this week, causing his absence from Footloose for two days, was because of this or would have happened anyway, we will never know. I understand how disappointing it is when he has to take time off (I missed the show in Birmingham because Gareth wasn't appearing - but at least I knew in advance). However it is unrealistic to expect any member of the cast to get through an extended run without falling ill at some stage. I've seen the show five times now and only once or twice (in Bradford and possibly Bristol) were there no understudies performing. I just hope that Gareth's illness this week was not because of his vocal cords this time. Thanks for finding the video advertising the show, Heather.
  12. The interview with Graham Rogers on BBC Radio Wiltshire this morning is available for the next 30 days on Llisten Again (Graham was standing in for Sue Davies, so it's her show): There are announcements at around 9 mins and 49 mins into the show, then the interview/songs start at 1h 26m. Anyone Of Us is played then the first bit of the interview followed by Let's Hear It For The Boy. Then there is traffic news, weather and some local stuff, so skip past a few minutes. Then Footloose is played followed by the rest of Gareth's interview which finishes about 1h 50m into the show. Lovely interview with Graham who has known Gareth since Pop Idol. New to me was that Gareth sang at Salisbury Cathedral when the Bradford Cathedral choir toured when he was a head chorister.
  13. Yes, that's Jodie - I also think she sounds a lot like Faye. She left her previous job to work for Cuppanut.
  14. What a lovely and, in parts, revealing interview with Gareth - he's really into this role as a business man now and with his work ethic I'm sure he'll continue to do well.
  15. Lovely photo - though I think Gareth must be wearing his 'I'm a new uncle' T-shirt (check the picture of him with Mylo)! Just made me smile :-)