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  1. They look very appetizing. Think they will do well. I can't read all the ingregients on the two bottom right hand side ones. Can anyone fill me in.
  2. I'm sure she is. I thought the whole holiday looked more like a photo-shoot rather than a holiday.
  3. So its follow the sheep then it seems. I prefer someone to be individual personally. Especially when it looks awful.
  4. No, I think its a sarky comment about his appalling outfit. Don't know what's got into Gareth lately.
  5. Just caught up with the program. Enjoyed it very much. Gareth played lots of my favourite songs which was nice. Thought his speech was the best I've ever heard it and he had a great rapport with Chris. Loved what Chris said about Gareth not letting his stammer get in the way of what he wanted to achieve. Thought that was really lovely.
  6. That was what I didn't like about the article in the Daily Mail. You would have thought the appearance was about the two of them rather than about Gareth's Stammer School. Much preferred the article in the Daily Mirror, who concentrated on what was important.
  7. Things are looking up. There have been no less than 4 updates on Gareth's Facebook page today. One even announcing th 12 year anniversary of the release of Sunshine with a link to the video on youtube. I hope this is a sign that things will continue in this way in the future. No updates on his Website, so it seems Gareth is going to use Facebook or Twitter for future promotion.
  8. It was a really good interview and Gareth spoke so well giving the message you can do things to help with your stammer but if you're having a bad day, that's ok too. I'm sure that's what people who stammer need to hear and known to help with their confidence .I read on Facebook that Rich Winchup is helping Gareth with this course. This is one of the best things Gareth has done in a long while.
  9. That's just when the first course is being run Elaine. Sounds like there will be more to me reading the post on Twitter. GGSS @ggstammerschool 1d Do you have a child who Stammers? If so please get in touch. We're holding our first 3 day course on 9th 10th 11th November 2017 #GGSS
  10. Thank you for scanning the article Maria. (I don't like the pictures, sorry Gareth)
  11. Hello Magazine picked up on Gareth's tweet today. @Gareth_Gates And now for the best part of my day
  12. Sorry I don't think it is his hair. Gareth's hair is not that colour.
  13. Thanks for your report Maria. Was lovely to hear about the gig. Your pictures are lovely too. Don't quite see how that can be Gareth's hair when he has his hood up on his jacket. Are you sure it wasn't something or someone stood behind him.
  14. Thank you for your very detailed report Linda. I'm so glad you all enjoyed the show yesterday. I did think about you all during the day and wished I was there with you.
  15. I echo your thoughts Chris. It is so awful. I don't know how much more tragedy this country has to cope with.