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  1. I enjoyed watching Gareth's interview with Aled this morning
  2. https://twitter.com/ITVWeekend
  3. I have my new TV guide today , guests are Gareth , Ed Westwick , Rick Edwards Plus music from pop group AJR
  4. Not a review , but just seen this video on you tube
  5. I missed this on my local radio station it was also on Pulse 1 , which is the station I listen to.
  6. Thanks for letting us know Elaine . I have set up the recorder for next Sunday . On my Tivo Box , it does say Gareth is on . I can't remember who the other guests are. Music was from someone I hadn't heard of .
  7. Great review for Footloose in York yesterday http://yorkshirewonders.co.uk/footloose-musical-tour
  8. I have this on my favourites , I like to watch again
  9. I think this is a dreadful move and a big mistake , thanks for letting us know Elaine .
  10. Thanks Doris for posting your review of Gareth's Easter Panto
  11. Thanks for posting Khelda
  12. An article in a news paper about the awards . http://www.thecomet.net/news/education/stevenage_school_wins_praise_for_its_language_skills_from_singer_who_overcame_a_stutter_1_4950329
  13. Thanks for the link Val ,I have just enjoyed listening to Gareth and Faye ' s interview
  14. Gareth & Faye talking about this on you tube
  15. Gareth was at The Diva Awards last night with Faye ,same day as hosting The Let It Shine awards .Rex have added a couple of photos https://www.rexfeatures.com/search/?kw=Gareth+Gates&iso=GBR&viah=Y&lkw=&stk=N&sft=&search_oldest.x=-1&search_newest.x=27&search_newest.y=13