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  1. Wow from me too Doris , I hope you have a great time on the cruise , fab that you are on board and will see Gareth perform and hopefully report back to us
  2. Thanks for the links Maria .What a lot of lovely pics on that site . I thought Gareth did really well on This Morning . I'm glad the man that they featured found such a lovely wife
  3. Gareth is on This Morning Today , talking about Stammering . The Maguire School for Stammers' is on tonight , Holly mentioned Gareth talking about his Stammering School at the end of the show yesterday . I only watched This Morning last night as I recorded it .
  4. Thanks for posting Eternal , if I'd had seen it before I went out I would have bought the paper .
  5. Thanks for posting your interesting report of your visit to the Panto Elaine . It's good to see you think it's the best panto that Gareth has been in so far . I had to smile at the thought of Gareth running down the alley to see you in his stocking feet , I can't imagine anyone else doing that to see his fans . I'm glad you got to meet Gareth , your pics are gorgeous
  6. Yes I agree Val, it was lovely to see Gareth with the little boy
  7. There is a super Video of the Wednesbury Christmas Lights switch on , on youtube . You need to watch all of it as Gareth is on several times including the end
  8. Great Interview with Gareth
  9. Thanks Elaine for letting us know about Gareth in The Sun's Bizarre . Katie Price said the about Gareth quite a while ago , and they've read Gareth's comments from New Magazine , which I thought where good . I bought New Mag yesterday which was worth buying , it was mainly Gareth's Stammer School which starts in January and Gareth's love for Missy .
  10. Thanks for posting Maria
  11. Thanks from me also for posting the links to Gareth's videos , I really enjoyed them
  12. Thanks for posting Sylvia . I was pleased to read Gareth's message . I think it is well thought out and it is good that Gareth has told us his thoughts on what is most important in his life at this time .
  13. Thanks Eternal for the link to Gareth's interview on Black Country Radio , I just enjoyed listening to that . The Doreen Tipton one doesn't work for me .
  14. I am liking the look of Gareth's new soups , being a big fan of good soups . Thanks Maria for pointing out it is Chilli with the Sweet Potato soup , I was having trouble working out that one
  15. Thanks for scanning the panto article Eternal , it's always good to see it in the 'real paper ' . It says Gareth is 'Jetting in from Shanghai and Kualar Lumpur , where he is touring with the musical Footloose - to Wolverhampton . I wonder where they have got that from ?