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  1. Thank you Heather for posting this lovely interview, lovely to read about Missys piano exam, I'm sure she'll be just fine, a little star in the making. Hope Gareth is having the perfect Sunday today bless him.
  2. Me and Gareth from Coventry, I'll check with Sarahjane and Hayley if they ind me posting their pics on here which I'm sure they won't mind.
  3. Gareth and Missy from Fathers day, such a beautiful, heartwarming photo, makes me feel emotional looking at is especially thinking of how hard it must be for him saying goodbye tie he when he's taken her back home, thank goodness for inventions such as face time these days.
  4. Thank you for your fantastic report Linda I agree I would never remember all the details even if I had seen it a few times this year.
  5. Thank you for your lovely report ve absolutely no reason to apologise bless you?
  6. Thanks for posting Chris, I love the new songs mention too would of posted it myself but had to go out to work.
  7. Thank you Chris for posting these lovely reviews x
  8. This is such a relief to hear he still wants to do music, I'd of been very surprised if he actually did want to leave it behind, thank you for posting Heather 🙂X
  9. I feel the same as Val in a way especially as I think it's Paul logged in as Cuppanut a lot of the time recently when they tweet good afternoon cuppanutters etc and his name is in the new management. If he did move away from music, Inhope he will always continue with theatre. That aside, it was such a lovely interview, he always comes across so lovable and everyone enjoys interviewing him.
  10. You're right Val, there's no way he played the guitar that much last year
  11. Thank you for posting this Elaine good job it was noticed Incase Gareth or his management don't announce it.
  12. I agree Val and Chris, he does like to give hints to certain things sometimes while teasing us in other ways lol.
  13. A lovely review from press night last night
  14. On says under the Swan venue that he won't be appearing on tomorrow's date.
  15. Thank you to Heather for the Feb review and for the reviews you posted too Chris, the first one of the 2, some people don't half have some funny opinions.