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  1. You're right Val, there's no way he played the guitar that much last year
  2. Thank you for posting this Elaine good job it was noticed Incase Gareth or his management don't announce it.
  3. I agree Val and Chris, he does like to give hints to certain things sometimes while teasing us in other ways lol.
  4. A lovely review from press night last night
  5. On says under the Swan venue that he won't be appearing on tomorrow's date.
  6. Thank you to Heather for the Feb review and for the reviews you posted too Chris, the first one of the 2, some people don't half have some funny opinions.
  7. Absolutely no confirmation whatsoever, not even by Gareth, he seemed to be promoting Footloose a bit by sharing a couple of articles/reviews which I think I saw GPG say they were pleased to see but nothing about his gigs, he just clicked like on Kirsty Wadds tweet when she tweeted a pic of her tickets which came. Guess if the venue itself says he's doing a gig there, it must be genuinely happening but if that means confirmation from management isn't needed, it should still be getting promoted.
  8. The venue itself tweeted it from their Twitter account so it must be happening even though management haven't mentioned it, I did get a google alert day before yesterday I was going to post up, on the actual theatres site.
  9. Thank you for posting this gorgeous pic in here Chris 😍X
  10. I'm struggling to decide what I feel about all this, guess as long as Gareth still gets work and there will be new music at some point and that he is promoted well, that's the main thing but I'd hope Paul is a lot better at that than Gareth as he has never been any good at promoting himself. I just hope Gareth was very respectful and thankful to Ali for all she's done for him when he told her about this.
  11. Thanks for sharing your report Doris I'm pleased you were able to go and had a good time.
  12. Forgot I'd not got round to answering this, no I'm not going to Blackpool but you and those are going, have a lovely time x
  13. As Val said in the other thread, this is one of the ebst photos of Gareth
  14. Great to see a pic initially but not fir him to keep as a profile pic, that said, I'm not into muscle either, rather stare into his eyes lol
  15. Thanks for posting Val, hope one comes up that we can all get to but lovely to hear anyway as singing/music is what he loves doing best.