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  1. Thank you for posting this gorgeous pic in here Chris 😍X
  2. I'm struggling to decide what I feel about all this, guess as long as Gareth still gets work and there will be new music at some point and that he is promoted well, that's the main thing but I'd hope Paul is a lot better at that than Gareth as he has never been any good at promoting himself. I just hope Gareth was very respectful and thankful to Ali for all she's done for him when he told her about this.
  3. Thanks for sharing your report Doris I'm pleased you were able to go and had a good time.
  4. Forgot I'd not got round to answering this, no I'm not going to Blackpool but you and those are going, have a lovely time x
  5. As Val said in the other thread, this is one of the ebst photos of Gareth
  6. Great to see a pic initially but not fir him to keep as a profile pic, that said, I'm not into muscle either, rather stare into his eyes lol
  7. Thanks for posting Val, hope one comes up that we can all get to but lovely to hear anyway as singing/music is what he loves doing best.
  8. I agree, thing is though, his own Twitter isn't to do with Cuppanut but then again it's nothin to do with the photoshoot the current profile pic is from either and we haven't heard anything more on that photo shoot, taking time to release any more pics, as though there isn't any more and the photo shoot isn't continuing, the mention of it did say over the coming weeks but a few weeks ago already since the last, I wouldn't want the pic he has at the min to come across to some that he's showing off or anything of the sort.
  9. Thanks for posting, I agree definitely one of the best I saw a few weeks ago, Cuppanut have it as their Twitter cover pic but can't see as much of Gareth in it because of what it was used for.
  10. I couldn't agree more to be honest Val, its all well and good being the sort of person who puts others before himself, should be more people like him generally speaking but there should be a limit, he goes to far with it if I'm being honest, there's more feelings I'd like to share but can't put them into words.
  11. Thank you for posting this interview Val.
  12. Yes would rather have Gareths approach any day, some are all self self self, I was confused several years back, someone I worked with who done part time said Gareth loves himself, I love me who do you love in response to the Whatever Happened to Gareth Gates doc, I thought that couldn't be further from the truth, I didn't respond but now I would, was to shy back then, even to this day I've been confused at how he could possibly come across that way, some people have weird opinions, just thought I'd share that.
  13. Thank you Heather for posting this article, lovely article it is as well.
  14. Thank you for posting this Heather I agree Elaine, seems the Daiky Mail thought so too but mentioned the tan, I thought just leave him alone now, tan is fine unlike the NTA which I had to agree was to much
  15. Thank you for finding this and posting it Heather, can imagine Gareth will put it up on his FB and Twitter in the next couple of days.