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  1. There's an update on some of the gigs on his FB and website 14/08/18 – 16/08/18 – P&O Cruise: Britannia. Limelight Room 09/08/18 – 10/08/18 – Hemsby Holiday Camp, Norwich, NR12 9BX 02/08/18 – 05/08/18 – P&O Cruise: Britannia. Limelight Room 21/07/18 – Live Show, Gunton Hall, Lowestoft, NR32 5DF 09/06/18 – Live Show, Butlins Skegness, PE25 1NJ 19/05/18 – Live Gig, Mill Rythe 27/04/18 – 01/05/18 – P&O Cruise: Britannia. Limelight Room 26/03/18 – 29/03/18 – P&O Cruise: Britannia. Limelight Room 12/03/18 – 16/03/18 – P&O Cruise: Britannia. Limelight Room 25/02/18 – Pizza Express Holborn 24/02/18 – Pizza Express Birmingham 23/02/18 – Pizza Express Maidstone 13/02/18 – 19/02/18 – P&O Cruise: Britannia. Limelight Room 03/02/18 – Live Gig, Bar Budda & Bay Horse, Glasgow. 1130 at Budda and then on to the Bay Horse 20/01/18 – 24/01/18 – P&O Cruise: Britannia. Limelight Room
  2. Hope we hear more details about at least some of them soon.
  3. Thank you for posting this Chris 🙂hope one of the Pizza Expresses are a place I can get to with Hayley and Sarahjane, 3 expresses in a row.
  4. Lovely to hear you're able to go this year Elaine x
  5. Lovely vlog from the event yesterday
  6. June tweeted in reply to Val on Twitter saying that word on the one bottom middle is chilli, Inthink she is right, to me the Ls looked like the letter e in the other names lol
  7. Thanks for posting this Chris, they will be a huge success for Gareth I'm sure. I can't make out the last word on the one in the middle probably as it's a word I've never heard of, looks like Caieei but it's with coconut and sweet potato, the one in the right is coconut, carrot and ginger.
  8. Wow it sure is lovely, of all the pics I seen on twitter yesterday, I've not seen this one yet 🙂love it. I'll post the pics I seen yesterday, not the ones that are similar as some are just closer ups etc or slight different angle.
  9. Thank you Heather for posting these 🙂love the article and the interview on Youtube
  10. My fave bit is the West End Wendy bit, my least being the bodybuilder bit My Day: A morning of being 'Mr Gates: Entrepreneur'. Right now, it's: 'Mr Gates: Bodybuilder' Then this evening: 'Mr Gates: West-End Wendy' worries me sometimes that he might take the gym thing to far, he is fine as he is right now, if he wants to work on anything he shouldn't skip leg days which apparently he skips. I'm really feeling it today not knowing what's got into him lately either, really don't want to start hearing about the gym all the time again, I'm usually one of the ones to ask for a gym selfie or tweet him going on about how gorgeous he is when he tweets a selfie but not any more as it will only encourage him.
  11. Well let's see from here on out if he wears more of these outfits in the coming weeks/months but yes hope not, although guess it's a love or hate thing.
  12. I'm glad there's someone else who isn't keen on this new flowery style, me and Sarahjane are with you. The one on holiday fair enough as it was a Hawaii theme night but hope he doesn't continue with this, suppose he will get out of it and move onto something else hopefully soon.
  13. Thanks for posting this, lovely read 🙂
  14. Oh I'd forgot I'd not mentioned that but did see they tweeted that venue too the day they tweeted it and they replied to me to say not at present when I asked if there would be any more and that crossed my mind it depends on theatres having any spare weeks left which now I very much doubt there will be. Edits to say I agree as much as I love Gareth as Willard and me, Hayley and Sarahjane may it get to see him in the role again, id rather him be in a different show next year as it isn't as if we haven't seen him as Willard, well I'd like to think all Gareths fans have been able to get to at least one this year or last.
  15. Thank you for posting this, wonder if you can go to the gigs anyway without staying in the hotel overnight, not sure where thee hotels are to if I could go with Sarahjane but it's brilliant Gareth will be doing what he loves best Oh reading the first link, its 21st July, Guntun Hall, Suffolk, so far anyway.