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  1. Then all this amazing couple etc started getting tweeted that we hear all the time anyway instead of praise for Gareth but glad to see that didn't last long and tweets praising Gareth started again in response to the interview.
  2. I'm never ever ever again bothering to read public comments on articles because there's always so much negativity, hardly any praise him yet go on about his hair, not aging well, bad dress sense, calling him z lister and all this other bull, not everyone will like what he's wearing so can't really moan about that but it's the general majority of negativity that annoys me, how anyone can think he doesn't age well is beyond me, not everyone will find him stunning, gorgeous etc of course but that's different, they can still not have the opinion he's aging badly.
  3. Thank you Heather and Chris for posting the various things, all lovely to see. I prefer the Mirror article to the Mail one as like you say it focuses more on the stammer school which is what the interview was mainly done for, as lovey the relation ship between Gareth and Faye is, we hear a lot about that already, just saying, not out of jealousy towards her or anything.
  4. Listen again here
  5. Jacqui Blay says she'll be interviewing Gareth today on Pulse Radio 2 and replied to say the interview will be on after 1
  6. I know Maureen won't be in it because I seen her advertised a couple of times on Twitter since this thread for Menopause the musical for a venue in Feb and May.
  7. Which venue was it? if it's a tour again next year, there will be more but I find it weird that this year the London Peacock theatre was the last venue and ends at end of Sept but there's now one in Liverpool end of Oct into Nov yet the whole of Oct is free, it would seem weird to have a whole month with no venues with just the one thrown in a month later, surely th others should be confirmed any time soon, the Liverpool one was added into the Footloose site a few days ago.
  8. Thanks for the info Kirsty 🙂 as much as it's an amazing fun filled lovely show I'd like Gareth to do a different show next year although not keen on the thought of not seeing Gareth as Willard again lol then again me and Sarahjane might make it to another one before this tour ends, hope you get a reply from Paul soon.
  9. Thank you for posting Chris 🙂 words can't describe how lovely it is he is doing this, such an inspiration, to me this is far more special than Fates Academy.
  10. Thank you for posting Heather, lovely to see 🙂
  11. Thank you for posting, a lovely little piece 🙂 I didn't even realise he was allergic to black tea.
  12. For those into muscles, he is perfect now top half wise, this interview said about wanting to put whatever amount of pounds on more but he doesn't need to, I hear he skips leg day but if he wants it work on something then it should be them concentrated on now, as Sarahjane says we love Gareth and find him gorgeous muscle or not. I'm glad you seen what I meant about the profile pic thing, the top right corner pic as I say would however make a gorgeous profile pic with clothes on or close up of his face where you can't see if his topless or not, how do we tell him this without offending him that it seems a bit odd having topless as profile pics, I understand itneith this interview as it's a fitness section.
  13. Don't worry Val, to be honest it's his gorgeous face and eyes that get me going, his hard work at the gym has payed off and good to see the results initially but I keep coming back for a look at a pic for his face, I worry he takes it to far sometimes especially after dropping dumbbell on his chest, I don't think he should really be having topless pics as his Twitter and Facebook profile pic, comes across as vain showing off, nothing to do with being a singer, actor and entrepreneur, the top right pic would make a lovely profile pic though if it was zoomed in on his face rather than capturing the topless.
  14. That's my fave photo too and if he's going to use a topless one as his Facebook and Twitter profile, id like him to change it to this, of course he could put it up closer up with just his face.
  15. I did take pics of the interview closer up but says the mb are to high