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  1. Hi Everyone Thank you so much for organising the Meet up I really enjoyed it. It was lovely to meet those of you I haven't before and to see the others again too. Really lovely to see you Val, so pleased you were able to come. I hope we can do it again some day. Really enjoyed the show, love Gareth as Willard so funny , just brilliant. It was also lovely to see him after the show. I went again on Saturday with my daughter and her boyfriend and the show was even better than Wednesday, can't explain it ... Both my daughter and her boyfriend LOVED THE SHOW they thought Gareth was fantastic, his singing, acting and thought he was so funny as Willard. They said Gareth was by far the best one in the show. Thank you again to those who organised the meet up and to all that came and made it a special day X Enjoyed reading all your reports 😀 Thank you x
  2. Do we know how many people are coming to the meet up in Bradford?
  3. Maria are you going to Mancheter Victoria or Manchester Picsdilly . There are two stations in Bradford. If you're going to Man Vic you can get a direct train from Bradford interchange which is about 5 minutes walk from Wetherspoons. If you're going to Man Pic you can go from either station but you have to go via Leeds
  4. Thanks Heather I shall get a copy if I'm not too late.
  5. I live in Bradford 😀 If you are coming by train and changing at Leeds, get a train to Bradford Forster Square Station it is 2mins walk to the Midland Hotel Would you like me to meet you all at the Midland Hotel? It's a 10 min walk to the Alhambra and Wetherspoons
  6. My sister isn't coming to Bradford. IMy friend Karen is coming to the show but she's not coming to the meet up, I'm coming to the meet up on my own. Does everyone know how to get to the Alhambra / Weherspoons?
  7. Front Row Middle 18 & 19
  8. Hi Everyone Please count me in. I would love to meet up with you guys I got my tickets today
  9. Glad you can see the photos ... sorry I didn't reply I haven't been on for a few days.
  10. I signed up yesterday so I could follow Gareth. It was quite simple, its like signing up with Twitter, you just fill in a few details and them you get an email to confirm your email address.
  11. Great video thanks for sharing ... I hope the white jeans weren't just for the Haven Tour : )
  12. Thanks Val
  13. Can we book for this yet ?
  14. Will this be an extension of this autumns tour or new one? Does anyone know if there are any dates/venues yet for the spring tour ?
  15. Thanks for the photos and clip ... I thought Gareth looked cute, he looks great in whatever he wears. The other guys were dressed casual too.