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  1. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.759233884126713.1073742037.205136742869766&type=3 lots of lovely photos of this event through the link above
  2. You can listen to the nixtape (second half is Gareth) here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01t1f40
  3. I think it was just the recorded 'on this day', And then played Anyone of Us, followed by Will's Light My Fire. Its at about 47 mins Chtris also said that he always gets Gareth and Joe McEldry mixed up!
  4. Bumping this up to remind people that its the perfect time to use the link when you buy your presents through Amazon!! It all helps to keep these board going Many thanks
  5. We've already put a link to Amazon at the top of the forum, but to save you searching for Gareth's music, you can use this link to get there directly. Buying from Amazon through these links helps to earn us a little income to maintain these boards. Thanks
  6. Just a reminder to all members (and visitors) that you can help to support these boards by buying stuff from Amazon through the links at the top of the page. Doesn't have to be Gareth stuff- any books, music etc bought through that link brings the boards a little bit of income which helps to keep us running Thanks The Link is Now HERE
  7. what a brilliant intitiative their main web site is here http://somewhereto.com/ I see there is a version in Glasgow - so I'll need to check it out
  8. it ends with........and another Boogie Nights lined up from january..... Did we know that? Assuming they have it right of course
  9. Oh yes, of course. Silly me.
  10. That will be great. I wonder why though?
  11. That sounds like really good news
  12. Adorable
  13. Hmmmm.
  14. I love the video on Facebook. They're doing his old dance!!
  15. Spirit in the Sky. from Stoke