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  1. Yes Missy looks quite the little lady now doesn't she.
  2. So agree Khelda, he has done so much since then, yet all that is mentioned is the Panto,s I also think Gareth is not good at promoting himself.
  3. Thanks Heather, not seen the ones with Missy on before.
  4. Thanks Heather so many things we get rid of and then wish we hadn't, but mine was a big music centre, just took up too much space. but I have lots of vynal albums also in my loft and they are so popular again, beginning to wish I had held on to my music centre.
  5. Gareth chose the best day for weather to go to Cheltenham, it looked really nice and sunny but since then has been freezing, seems the weather has gone back to feeling like winter. I love a day at the races but never been to Cheltenham as it's usually not warm enough this time of year.
  6. I didn't know that. And wouldn't know where to take them Val. But thanks for letting me know, think I put them all in the loft.
  7. I agree Maria, when Gareth had to speak on Pop Idol it was heartbreaking . I have so many tapes of Gareth and such a shame as nothing to play them on now.
  8. Thanks to Maria for her link to the interview, it was very long but interesting and also very moving to hear what Wendy had to say, can imagine how she must have felt.
  9. I was at work this morning so didn't know till lunchtime. Linda texted me to say Gareth was on radio 5 this morning talking about his stammer, getting through Pop Idol and his career, his Mum was also on later but Linda was at work so couldn't listen to his Mum. Wonder if there is a listen again fascility.
  10. So happy for everyone who Wolverhampton is convenient for. But afraid it's a bit too far for me unfortunately.
  11. It's such a shame that Boys Aloud didn't get through, they were great but had tough competition, I have to admit The Chasers were very good and even more so as none of them have any singing experience to my knowledge.
  12. Just watched Boys Aloud on , and got to admit Gareth made a very attractive and convincing Cheryl, and actually the most convincing as a woman. Duncan could never pass as a woman with his muscles and tattoos, a dead give away. they were brilliant though. looks like you can't vote till the end, and not sure what happens if they get the most votes.
  13. Thanks for radio times link Eternal, looking forward to seeing it. hope the panto is somewhere where most of us can get to this year
  14. Thanks Maria he is doing well then as this one is the fourth. I knew he had 1 in Bradford but not Huddersfield and Milton Keynes
  15. Sorry if this has already been posted but Gareth is on Lorraine tomorrow, think it's for Comic Felief