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  1. I am now happy to say my husband decided to take me to Wolverhampton to see the panto. Had trouble getting a decent seat near the front though as it was pretty much booked up right to the back for after the schools break up which is the only time we are free to go. Can't believe I am going to the panto, it is a few years since I have seen Gareth in panto.
  2. Another pic of Gareth on holiday, without his flowery jacket this time
  3. Having said what I have about Gareth's flowery jackets, I have to admit to liking the latest one that he wore for the Party on Press night, i have to agree with Maria about the Gym, I think Gareth is fine at the moment but wouldn't like to see him go any farther with the body building.
  4. Surely those outfits could only fit in in Marbella on a theme night, Gareth would not wear them anywhere else, well I hope not.
  5. I also liked the way he included lots of singers from Bradford and had forgot just how many there are, it was nice to be reminded. a lot of talent has come out of Bradford over the years.
  6. Thank you for the link to catch-up of the Radio Leeds programme Linda. I like Heather only got round to listening to it yesterday as I have been away. I was very impressed with Gareth's style of presenting and also have to agree that his speech was the best I have ever heard him. I also learned a lot about Gareth that I didn't know before and loved his choice in music and reasons for his choices of songs. I also thought he was a natural and think we will be hearing more of Gareth DJ Ing on the radio. He seemed very relaxed and to be really enjoying it, but then he has done DJing before quite a few times in various clubs so perhaps he is quite used to it now.
  7. How the years have flown, its hard to believe its 12 years since Sunshine was released. Beautiful song and thank you for reminding us of it.
  8. Not advertised but just shown Gareth in the studio
  9. There was a programme on ITV tonight The Nations favourite Elvis song. It was a nice surprise to see Gareth on there saying Suspicious Minds, it came in at no 2, and there was a glimpse of him singing it later on in the show.
  10. Thank you Maria for the listen again link as I was out this morning. It was a good interview and very proud of Gareth .
  11. Well Done to Gareth, must make a note of that, thank you for the info Heather.
  12. Much as I have loved Footloose, I do hope Gareth has something different lined up for next year.
  13. Yes just read on twitter Val,seems it's the first of a 3 day course.
  14. It is on the Bizarre page of the sun today says The new GARETH GATES Stammer School will offer speech therapy to kids. The Pop Idol runner-up will help youngsters overcome speech impediments like his own in a course from November 9th to 11th So sounds like it's not a permanent thing and only on for 2 days.