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  1. Fantastic in depth report of the show Linda, so pleased I found it at last, I have not seen the show this year as I had to cancel due to illness. But I am booked to see it at the Peacock theatre so hopefully will have better luck then. Sounds like they have made quite a few changes, but can't see how Gareth's performance could be improved on
  2. A fabulous review linda, hope this is the one I saw the tweet for on twitter as I couldn't find another. Not back in the swing of things as still feeling ill.and got lots of appointments and blood tests , when will it end.
  3. Thanks for the link Chris, but it doesn't help from my mobile looks like I wil have to wait till I get home X
  4. Thanks Val I have had a nightmare week x
  5. I have not managed to watch the interview from my hospital bed sad as you now have to sign in and I have not had to before, tried everything.
  6. There was a programme on ITV this morning with Englebert Humperdinck on,it ended just before 9 30 and the presenter I think Aled jones said Gareth Gates is one of the Guests next week.
  7. This was a lovely interview and really nice to have e listen again facility to be put up on Twitter for people like me who missed it.
  8. What a fabulous review from York Heather and lovely pic of the young girl at the stage door with Gareth.
  9. If this has already been posted somewhere else feel free to delete the post, unfortunately I cantI can't go as already booked for Richmond
  10. Fancy watching Footloose The Musical AND meeting the stars? Don't miss out on our VIP tickets! 🌟💃 On Friday night, upgrade your ticket to a VIP Experience. You'll enjoy post-show meet and greet with the cast, including Gareth Gates and Maureen Nolan, a glass of red or white wine, a VIP lanyard, a Footloose poster and the opportunity to have your photo taken with the stars of the show. And all for just £10.00! Limited tickets available - get yours today! 👉
  11. Thank you for that Chris, really nice interview from Gareth, he seems to be really enjoying the comedy as this is something completely different for him. i hadn't realised that the cast was changing for this years Footloose, they all really played good parts last year.
  12. Don't we usually get a photo shoot just before an announcement of something new? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
  13. Thanks Chris, jacket is lovely and flatters his tan x
  14. Thank you, yes we need it here, Gareth was a very convincing Cheryl.
  15. Just seen this it's beautiful and the kind of thing I want Gareth to do in the future. He is made for musicals and musical theatre, thank you Chris.