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  1. Not advertised but just shown Gareth in the studio
  2. There was a programme on ITV tonight The Nations favourite Elvis song. It was a nice surprise to see Gareth on there saying Suspicious Minds, it came in at no 2, and there was a glimpse of him singing it later on in the show.
  3. Thank you Maria for the listen again link as I was out this morning. It was a good interview and very proud of Gareth .
  4. Well Done to Gareth, must make a note of that, thank you for the info Heather.
  5. Much as I have loved Footloose, I do hope Gareth has something different lined up for next year.
  6. Yes just read on twitter Val,seems it's the first of a 3 day course.
  7. It is on the Bizarre page of the sun today says The new GARETH GATES Stammer School will offer speech therapy to kids. The Pop Idol runner-up will help youngsters overcome speech impediments like his own in a course from November 9th to 11th So sounds like it's not a permanent thing and only on for 2 days.
  8. Well Done to Gareth and I hope it is a success for him, but I marvel at how he manages to spread himself around and keep all these projects up and running. I can't keep up with him.
  9. Had to give the show a miss at Richmond as l was ill, so not seen it this year yet. Booked for the Peacock in London, so hoping to have better luck and see it then.
  10. The topless pics of Gareth present him as a model, and not as a singer, actor or entrepreneur so tend to agree with you Val and Maria that they are not suitable as a profile pic. I have to agree that he goes over the top with the gym sometimes and the really pumped up muscles don't do a lot for me.
  11. It was really nice to see Gareths Birthday reported in The Sun today
  12. Thank you for showing Sarah Janes pics Maria they are lovely, and it's a big mystery about His hair especially as that pic was just before yours.
  13. Lovely report Maria. I was surprised and had to look twice at Gareth's hair as your hair isn't blowing at all, so it doesn't look to be windy. The Lichfield gig sounds amazing, l would have loved to have been there. It was lovely to see so many complimentary tweets on the show.
  14. It is a very beautiful pic of Father and Daughter.
  15. This was lovely Linda, would love Gareth to sing songs from the musicals again , hopefully next year.