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    I like swimming, walking and playing badminton. I also write ,and have had three books published. Any music by Gareth I love, and he is my main interest hence the reason i joined this site.
  1. Oh Maria hun I can understand how upset you are, keep faith, and I am sure Gareth will come your way soon! hugs. He did go down very well there last time, June and I can vouch for that. There was a meet and greet from him in the foyer and pics as usual, and of course that was the day June was able to give him the lovely book she had worked so hard on. There were quite a few young girls there, and one was chatting to us saying how enthralled she was to finally meet her idol after 10 years. I count myself very lucky to be going again, we have been away, but Vera , bless her has booked our tickets for us.
  2. Sorry Chris, profuse apologies. I have booked to go, and am very excited about it.
  3. On the banks of the river, how lovely to do a gig there. I love Stratford on Avon, we have visited there many times. Thanks Heather for the info.
  4. I love these pics Heather. Many thanks.
  5. I just love these pics Heather.
  6. Lovely, thanks Heather
  7. Is it going to be really hard to get tickets Sue?
  8. He's just wonderful isn't he.
  9. I hope you make it Val and Inge, and have a lovely time.
  10. It's just up the road from me. Gareth has been appearing in this area a lot this year, which is great for me, but I won't be going to this one. My student days are over. sob sob.
  11. Wow for a special birthday or celebration. What could be nicer! Beyond my pocket I am afraid.
  12. And from me too, the pics are gorgeous, thank you.
  13. Sounds lovely Inge, they will give him a warm welcome then!
  14. Yes thanks very much, it was lovely to see, Gareth did fine, but he needs to know when it's his turn to speak, bless him.