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  1. Two brilliant reviews, I totally agree that the changes to the show this year have improved it considerably and made the show a lot tighter and more fun. So pleased that everyone is recognising Gareth's acting and comedy skills - hoping to see more of these in the future.
  2. Sorry to hear you've been in hospital Elaine, hope you're soon feeling much better. Love ValR x
  3. Thanks Heather, great to see the show with the new cast. Always amuses me that in every interview Gareth says he can't dance, he's better than me!!
  4. Thanks Chris, As I said I was lucky enough to see him live at Blenheim Palace during an evening show with a beautiful sunset, it was amazing and his music is just so relaxing, no wonder Gareth plays it when he's working.
  5. Thanks Elaine, we're away next week-end so must remember to record it.
  6. Thanks Val, such a good interview, nice for Gareth to have Faye with him as they obviously bounce off each other!
  7. Thanks Val, unfortunately none near enough to go to for me.
  8. So pleased for Gareth that he has been asked to host this - it's a subject very close to him so he will be very understanding to those winning the awards.
  9. Thanks Heather - that's a really good trailer!
  10. Thanks Chris, what a really nice article from the Sun.
  11. Thanks Chris, enjoyed watching that. I've always thought that both Gareth and George had such lovely diction and pure voices you can hear every word of their songs unlike a lot of artists.,
  12. What a fantastic review and the fact that's it's written by a journalist makes me love it even more! I wonder if the scene on the wall that he mentions is done the same way as last years panto at Crewe - one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Really sorry I won't get to see this but very happy for the people of Belfast that they have Gareth as the star in an amazing panto!
  13. Gorgeous, his hair is just how I like it and so pleased the beard has gone!
  14. Best advertising ever!!!
  15. Looks a lovely venue, thanks Heather - and yes, I did know where Cleckheaton is and I'm from Lancashire!