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  1. Thanks Heather, that was brilliant and brought a tear to my eye to see how lovely Gareth was with the little boy. Ironic that they had a snow machine with the panto cancelled today because of too much real snow!!
  2. Thanks Chris, looking forward to seeing it as it should be lots of fun with Lisa Riley and Graham Cole - I think we've seen Adan Booth in Panto before with Gareth.
  3. I use Amazon a lot and always use the link - every little helps!!
  4. Thanks so much Sylvia. I think it's brilliant that Gareth has sent a message which obviously comes from the heart as he is concerned about negative comments recently. All of us who have family can totally understand what he is saying and especially the fact that he wants to spend more time with Missy, this is very much to his credit, he is such a brilliant daddy and he will do anything to keep the wonderful relationship he seems to have with her. I totally understand why he wouldn't want to commit to another musical so soon after Footloose, I can't imagine spending your life being in a different place every week, especially if you don't have to and Gareth is in a position to be able to choose what he does - he's spent the last ten years of his life travelling the country and abroad and I think that we as fans have to accept that he should be able to do what is best for him - if that means less and much smaller shows then we should accept that. As a fan of Gareth from his very first appearance on Pop Idol, I'm just happy that I've had such good and happy times seeing his various and very varied shows, and I've also made some very good friends in the process.
  5. Same here Chris, ah well, don't think I'll be able to persuade hubby to take me on a cruise in the Caribbean! Thanks for the information Doris, so happy for Gareth that's he's doing such a prestigious venue.
  6. Thanks Chris, looks as though Gareth is giving himself some time off next year, though with his new soup business he might be busier than ever! Not sure I'll be able to get to any of those gigs, have to start saving up for a cruise!!
  7. Thanks Chris for those brilliant reviews, especially the first one! Gareth makes this show as far as I'm concerned and having seen Willard played by the understudy in Blackpool, it's obvious how skilled Gareth is not only his singing, his acting but his ability to be a comedian as well, he makes it look effortless which it's not.
  8. They look really yummy, I also love good soups and though I make a lot myself I'll definitely be trying those, I like the sound of all of them and presumably very healthy!! Hope they sell them in at least one of the big stores.
  9. It does look amazing but just checked the price - from 500-720 euros a night!!! Bit more than I would want to pay!
  10. He's certainly showing his feminine side with his clothes this holiday!
  11. Thanks Chris - the nearest one to us is Boddlewyddan Castle in Wales so it would be good if Gareth came there, Suffolk is about as far away as he could go!! Maria I think you have to book for the whole week-end, I've never been but have thought about it so would definitely book if Gareth were somewhere near.
  12. Thanks Chris, I love that song and remember all the promotion during the summer, but. at the time I felt it had started far too early as the record wasn't released till late August by which time there were lots of other new releases. I loved the video, made you wish you were on holiday!
  13. Thanks Maria - good to hear that Gareth be there for the whole course - he'll be such an inspiration and wonderful that he is doing this in Yorkshire.
  14. Thanks Heather, enjoyed that.
  15. I'm so proud and pleased that Gareth is doing this - he knows just how hard it is for children who have a stammer so if the perfect person to set up a school to help them. He's been successful in everything he;s done so far and I'm sure he'll do well with this venture.