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  1. That's exciting. I wonder how his location (and the weather) might influence him?
  2. I managed to get some pictures of this, which I hope you can read OK. And here it is as a full spread.
  3. Thanks for letting us know. I'm glad they managed to catch Gareth's "false finish"!
  4. A bit late - I was on holilday and everything's been hectic - but I went to the last show in Manchester with Maggie. I was a bit wary, as some reviews suggested Gareth wasn't in it much. He obviously wasn't in it quite enough for my liking, but was present for quite a lot more than I'd assumed from reports, which was a pleasant surprise. In his opening number, he sang so beautifully, it was a joy. He also added class whenever he did sing during the rest of the show. It was interesting, because in some ways, Warner is similar to Eddie (Loseverille). Warner is equally arrogant, and self-centred and ambitious, but not nasty (deliberately), and while a bit short-sighted and lacking wisdom, he's not stupid. Everyone else was good too, although I did find the female ensemble a bit brassy sometimes. Less is sometimes more, especially when you are singing in a particularly annoying American accent! I'm sure the accents were deliberate, but it did assault the senses at times by over-singing. The actress playing Elle was brilliant, and same for Brooke. I wasn't sure what to expect from Jennifer Ellison vocally. I'd seen her in the play Boeing, Boeing before, and she was brilliant, and was similarly good in this. Not the strongest vocally, but more than adequate, and more pleasant on the ear than some who may technically be stronger vocalists.. She was a little drowned out in the second one by the over-singers, but the nature of the number meant that didn't matter too much. Professor Callaghan was good too, but I have to admit to being slightly disappointed by the Emmet. He'd had good reviews, so I was surprised. He acted well enough, and came across as sweet, but the best way I can think to describe him vocally is plain and not particularly comfortable with what isn't a particularly big sing. It's entirely plausible he had a bad throat that night, or was simply vocally tired. He wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but the contrast between him and Gareth was substantial. When Gareth was first announced to be doing Legally Blonde, some of the theatre websites assumed he'd be Emmet. If they do another tour any time soon, it would be interesting to see Gareth in that role, which I think he could do with ease. Being the last night of that leg of the tour, the audience was very enthusiastic, and Gareth and everyone else got a great reception. Gareth (and a few others) got a cheer when they first appeared on stage. The dogs were particularly popular too! I think it's interesting that some of the reviews said that this incarnation of the tour is better than what they'd seen a year ago. I'd like to think it's all down to Gareth, but I think it's the kind of show that could easily stray from good fun into naff if the production values drop. The songs are quite good, if not spectacular, but a couple of them go on too long (especially the multiple reprises of "Legally Blonde" being belted out. Some have said it's very different to Loserville. I actually think it has many similarities. The type of music is different, but the general tone, and the characters are in the same vein. Superficially, the plain Holly is different to Elle, but both of them are on a quest to be taken seriously, and it's all about seeing the person within and not judging a book by its cover and the sweet, if a bit dull, clever boy getting the girl. Not forgetting the not very subtle moral of both stories is that you should just be yourself and do your own thing and follow your dream etc etc. Warner's girlfriend even started off mean and bitchy to Elle just as Eddie's girlfriend was mean and bitchy to Holly. Then both saw the error of their ways! But you don't go to see a show like this for their amazingly original plots. In fact, if they are too original, you will end up confused, and both shows seem to know what they are about, so aren't trying to fool anyone.
  5. There's some more information about this added to Gareth's Facebook page. His bit is on at 12 noon.
  6. Wow, a full time school now too! No doing anything by halves for them!
  7. It looks like a lot of fun.
  8. I'm sorry, it's one thing not to advertise hospital visits etc, as there is no benefit from it being in the press. I can assure you that I did think about it before saying what I had to say. In fact, it was giving it a moments thought that led me to that very conclusion. The people organising this event were working really hard to promote it, tweeting Gareth the link to their web-page, which had Gareth's name as the main draw. It doesn't take a great deal of thought to realise they WANTED a lot of Gareth's fans there. They wanted lot of people there, whether they were fans of Gareth specifically, or any of the other West End stars, or the person from Hollyoaks, or the professional footballers who had all got involved knowing that people would pay to see them play because of who they are, rather than watch any old bunch of lads playing Sunday league football. I happen to think it's a shame that some of Gareth's fans who might not be on his fan sites missed out on the chance to see him because they didn't find out until his last minute tweet. I also think it's a shame that great charity made a bit less money because of it. While I know that sometimes fans can be a bit embarassing, I really don't think there is anything to worry about if a handful shout out his name during a football match. I used to go to football a lot when I was younger, and it's perfectly acceptable! If any of the other players were going to feel snubbed because Gareth had fans there supporting him, they weren't getting the point of the fundraiser. I'd much rather think that Gareth overlooked announcing the match because he's not that good at plugging his events (it's not just charity stuff that isn't announced) than assume that he's so embarassed by his fans he doesn't want them showing him up in front of his friends. As I said before, it is possible Gareth didn't know he was taking part until the last minute, in which case it was wrong of the organisers to advertise Gareth as taking part. However, I was specifically talking about whether or not it's good that Gareth might have deliberately kept quiet about his involvement.
  9. Fanastic photos, and it's brilliant Gareth was able to go back and join up with his former cast-mates to do this. I have to disagree that it was "good" he kept quiet about this until the last minute. It is possible he didn't know he was going, but it's more likely he just didn't think about it. While it's very noble not to talk about doing things for charity, this sort of event is a fundraiser that relies on the public turning up and donating, which means they need to know it is happening. Gareth wasn't invited for a simple kick about the park, or even for his footballing skills (sorry Gaz). He was invited because of his connection to the show, and his own celebrity. I saw at least one person on twitter say they'd have come if only they'd known sooner as they lived less than ten minutes away. It's a shame they missed out, and also a shame they weren't there to contribute towards the fund. I'm guessing this was something organised with Gareth directly, so that might explain why it didn't go up on his website, but as soon as he knew he was planning to do it, he should have made sure it was added.
  10. Thanks - no idea why there isn't a thread. I think all discussion must have been hidden away in other threads.
  11. It's great we've been told when to expect a proper announcement and the date for ticket sales. Saves us frantically googling for information to make sure we have enough warning!
  12. Liz tweeted earlier to say they'll be repeating some of the best bits from her One on Ones, including with Gareth, so if you are around it might be worth tuning in. Liz Green ‏@lizgreenlive Selection box of 1on1 at 2 today - all fabulous - Sue Townsend Gareth Gates Matthew Kelly - their music, their stories @BBCLeeds 2-3
  13. The Guardian seems to be running ticket offers for the O2 and Blackburn, which is a bit of an odd combination, but perhaps it will be added to! http://www.guardiant...nights-tickets/ It lists three dates for Blackburn, one being December this year, so not quite sure what that is about, lol. Edits: Val, it looks like we are barking up the same tree. Edits again: those dates are also on ticketmaster - it does appear to be a different production by the same name.
  14. What a shame for everyone. I just hope that most people were able to find out about the cancellation as early as possible, hopefully before travelling too far. Thank goodness for twitter and Facebook, and I'm glad Gareth was able to tell people as soon as he heard.
  15. There doesn't seem to be anything else for that date, and it's not listed on the website, so you should be safe. If you are making an extra effort to travel, it might be worth checking directly with Ali.