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  1. Thank you for your report and pics.
  2. What a fantastic detailed review. Thank you. I enjoyed the show very much and yours and Chris's company.
  3. Thank you for posting. A great article.
  4. Gareth was so good. Looks amazing. So chatty. Every bit a star. So humble. Thank you for the link above, Pics are great.
  5. Thank you for posting. Will be watching. Gareth has tweeted a post and photo. Wish he was singing.
  6. Thank you for posting. Great review.
  7. Thank you for posting. A great write up.
  8. Thank you for posting
  9. Thank you for posting your review . Sounds like loads of fun.
  10. Thank you for bringing us the updates.
  11. Maria thank you for the link. Such a good interview. Made me smile and shed a tear.
  12. Thanks for posting Val. Look forward to seeing Gareth as Jack.
  13. Loving this thread. Just viewed the video. Fabulous.
  14. Gutted. I thought Gareth looked and sounded fantastic. He really did perform
  15. Thank you for the link. Loved Faye's outfit. So pleased she won. Gareth looking good as always.