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  1. Thanks Elaine for your great report and the lovely pics. Glad you enjoyed the panto and managed to see Gareth too.
  2. Elaine he also says this which I think is reassuring The plan will then be to do another Musical Theatre show is Autumn 2018 and/or Spring 2019. I'm already in talks with a couple of producers about potential shows - exciting.
  3. Thanks Silvia, just read it on FB, sounds good to me. Wonder which musical he might be in next.
  4. Maybe flower power is back in, just need the flowers in the hair.
  5. Totally agree with Maria and Val on his outfits. OMG
  6. I was watching that for a while, but then fell asleep, so I missed it. Thanks for telling us Elaine.
  7. Thanks Maria.
  8. That is a nice surprise.
  9. Thanks Maria for scanning the interview and the pics.
  10. lol yes its Belgium, was thinking Holland for some reason, silly me.
  11. Looks like Footloose will be in Holland in 1 week, according to the tweet. Gareth Gates Retweeted Kursaal Oostendeā€¸ @KursaalOostende 3h3 hours ago More Nog exact 1 week! #aftellen #footloose #musical @FootlooseTour
  12. Thanks Maria for your great report of the evening and the lovely photos. But lol to his hair in the one pic, but he looks good in the last one.
  13. Thanks Heather, lovely read. In the TV mag in the Mirror on Sat, they have an interview with Faye (a little pic her & Gareth), and she mentions him a few times. I can't scan.
  14. Yes it sounds lovely, Totally agree with you.
  15. Lovely pics Maria, thanks for posting.