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  1. Hope you enjoy, not as clear as they could have been, but Gareth would'nt keep still, long enough. Luv Sandy.x
  2. Just got back from the 02, it was just amazing. My friend who came up from Cornwall, & myself set off early, thinking probably, be theequaters of an hour journey. My god it actually, took 25mins, we were so lucky, as had a fast train to Stratford, & as we hit the Jubilee line stepped straight on a train, & in a blink we were there. First time for us both, to visit the 02, must say its quite amazing. We were so early, we had a wander around, then had something to eat, & a glass of wine to set us up for the evening. :biggrin: Made our way to our seats, & they were brilliant, front block front row, & near where the skaters came out. Guest judge for the night was Stephan Booth, & what a nice guy he is. Well got the camera out, just praying, I could actually work the thing. Had the warm up chap, & then Andy Peters, & of course all the spill about no flash, or movie camera's. Torvill & Dean, kicked the show off. All the skaters were then announced, & skated out with their partners, Gareth was about 5th to come out. The first of the skaters was Bonnie & Pavel, they scored 26.5. Then Gareth, & Maria, which took me by suprise, thinking he would be 5th to skate, panick, then set in to get the camera going. God, he looked drop dead gorgeous, :drool: in the mint & white outfit, & what a job to keep the hand from shaking. It seemed to go so fast, they danced to Green Day, & it looked really good to me, but was trying to get pics. They scored 22.5 which I thought was really mean. He got 4.5 from Nicky, Robin, & Karen, 5 from Stephan, & suprise, suprise, 4 from Jason, would have liked to have thrown my camera at him, but I needed it. The reason they gave, for giving the lower marks, was that the 02 was a bigger arena than they were use to, & they did'nt think, that Gareth used the arena enough, & therefore was'nt as good, as he would normally have been. Well I had trouble trying to keep him in focus, but there you are. Linda was next, & she is lovely, but still a little wobbly on the skates, they scored 21.5. Clare & Andrei were next, & they were really good, scored,28. Then David Seaman, he scored 21.5. Kyran was next, & I think all of his fans were at the 02, he scored 29.5. Last to skate was Suzanne, started well, but Matt nearly dropped her in a lift, & I think they missed a lift, but still managed 26 Zarrah did'nt skate, as apparently had a fall in training, & just needed a rest tonight, & Chris was'nt there. All the skaters did the 60's routine, Gareth looked really solid with Maria, but unfortunately, they were right over the other side, had his stripey trousers on. Susie, & Andrei Lipanov, Fred, & Mel, did routines which were just fantastic, & then 4 more pro's danced, a routine. Then we had all the skater's skate their second routines. Gareth, & Maria were in their red outfits, skated to the Beach Boys, it was great, Gareth has so much charisma, & has a wonderfull partnership, on the ice with Maria, it was great. :w00t: When it came to the Bolero, Gareth was the first to go out, & he looked so yummie, in the Bolero outfit, :heart: what can I say, I think its so unfair, that they all, don't have a shot at it. It was Kyran, & Clare, that danced the Bolero, Kyran won it, but I prefered Clare. The biggest dissapoitment was, when it had all finished the skater's did'nt hang about, not sure why, so did'nt get the chance to congratulate Gareth, & actually meet him. :sad: Oh well, one day maybe, but just nice seeing him in the flesh, so to speek Will try & sort the pics out, but a lot are blury, & as soon as poss will attempt to get them on the boards, but may call for some help with that one. Anyway, my mind is now grinding to a halt, it's 2am, sorry about the spelling, & punctuations, but feel to tired. As you can see did this report last night, & posted on official site, sorry I was so long pasting it over here. My friend went back to Cornwall this afternoon, & then I forgot my password. Luv Sandy.x _________________________
  3. Just found this on teletext & posted on Gareth's official boards. Just read on teletx by Jonathon Donald, DOI judge Jason Gardiner does'nt want Chris Fountain to win Sunday's final because he's too good. The "Mr Nasty" of the ITV1 comp believes the Hollyoaks star, 20, unfairly has the edge over rivals Suzanne Shaw 26, & Zaraah Abrahams, 20, because of his ice hockey past. Speaking at a press conference today, Gardiner said:"I think Chris has an unfair advantage," "He was already able to skate & what's been so impressive to me is seeing people who've never skated before reach the level of Suzanne & Zarrah," continued Gardiner. I think Chris has had to work incredibly hard at smoothing over his rough edges, & being able to dance on ice. "But he does'nt have the same fear that the girls had to overcome." Fountain played ice hockey semi-professionally. Riled by Gardiner's comments, Fountain hit back arguing that he still had a lot to learn when he started out. "I've never sat back on my experience & just tried to sail through the comp, I've tried some really difficult stuff," he said. "I've really pushed myself to try & deliver the 'wow' factor to my performances. If they thought I could skate to well, I'm sure they would never have had me in the competition." This is on page 141,teletext. IMHO, this comes far to late from Jason, allthough again IMO it's true. I've allways thought Jason has favoured Suzanne, perhaps at the final hurdle he is panicking, because it's down to the public vote, & if all is believed, Chris has had a lot of the public votes. Still, made interesting reading. Luv Sandy.x
  4. "I've made a friend for life" nice video on DOI forum, of Gareth & Maria, on his farewell chat, go here Luv Sandy.x
  5. Yes I feel the same, I was totaly p---ed off last night, but in the cold light of day, as Gareth said, he did his best, & that's all he could do. On reflexion, maybe he would have been better off, skating to something that was slower, showing the grace, elegance & movement we know he can produce over the ice. Chris seems to get away with that rocky heaviness, maybe because obviously his style of skating, still smacks back to the hockey player, with quick feet, & Gareth's build is totally different, I know I prefer the latter. All I feel now is, let the rest of them fight it out. Gareth, can relax with Maria, & get to work, & polish their routine for the tour. I'm so looking forward to that, roll on April 29th. :w00t: Luv Sandy.x
  6. I thought the same Khelda, & how gracious in defeat is that man, it makes you so proud, bless him, he is totaly amazing. :heart: I've just watched GMTV, & again Gareth's interview, with Maria by his side, & Jason other side of Maria, showed what a thoroughly lovely man Gareth is. Jason was actually, very complimentary, mentioning, that Zaraah, had the experience, of the skate off, which made a difference, & thought Gareth should be very proud, as he was, what the show was all about, taking someone who had never skated before, to see how far they could go, & again he said Gareth should be very proud of his journey. He also mentioned, there were others that had skating experience, & obviously it made a difference.[hmmm] I really can't make Jason out, he is such a Jeckll & Hyde character, one minute very cutting & the next nice, [must be the theatrical in him]. :laugh: Luv Sandy.x
  7. Thanks Heather for posting that. I can remember Clare Buckfield saying last year, that it made her feel very sick, & disorientated, & was much more difficult than she would ever imagined. Hope Gareth is ok with this, [thats hopeing he gets through to next week] & does'nt cause any problems with his migraine's. It will be interesting to hear what Gareth has to say on the flying. :smile: Luv Sandy.x
  8. Thought I'd let you all know that seeing this posted, made me look for tickets at the 02 arena, as I couldnt get good seats at Wembley, & did'nt want to be with the gods, stuck behind someone that was 6ft,[thats because I'm a midget 5ft 2ins] :laugh: again the best seats had gone, so last Sunday thought I'd look on e-bay, there was some great tickets but the price :ermm: just so expensive. Well to cut a long story short, my daughter said buy them, as she had spoken to my son, & they had agreed to give me an extra treat for Mother's day. I can't tell you how lucky I feel, & managed to get two seats in block A1 rinkside row A in the middle of the front row. :hyper: My friend, who came to see Gareth with me at the concert in Wembley, is coming up from Cornwall, so we can have a brilliant girlie night out, & my daughter hopes to get me 2 VIP tickets, that would be the iceing on the cake. :w00t: Does anyone know if camera's, or camcorders will be allowed? Luv Sandy.x
  9. 11am on this morning, talking about DOI, news & gossip, I believe Jason is suppose to be on. Luv Sandy.x
  10. I know Missali, I'm exactly the same with the cigs, Ive been banned to the conservatory to watch it now, family think I'm sending up smoke Loved Gareth & Maria's performance, such a shame they missed that lift, but never mind he nailed the two jumps. There is a smoothness, & ease of movement with all of Gareth's skating, & IMHO they cover the ice probably better than any of the other skaters, it looks so effortless, & with so much grace. I was pleased they asked Robin for his opinion this week, IMO, he is one of the best skater's Britain has ever produced, & his praise of Gareth's skating, was just lovely to hear. Roll on next week, but wish they would cut the adds, its not doing the blood pressure any good. :laugh:
  11. :frantics: :frantics: oh well done, Gareth & Maria, thought that was really good, considering the week you had to get through. Its so difficult to regain your confidence, when things go wrong in practice, especially, when you are a very kind, & thoughtfull person, & not even a week to put things right, just amaziing. Loved the costumes, you both looked very Keep up the good work, cant wait for next week. Luv Sandy.x
  12. [ I missed the first few mins of Friday night, & was so annoyed, that I didnt have anything set up to record it, but need'nt have got my knickers in a twist, when I realised that it was on last night. Well what can I say, it was magical, that the true Gareth, was able to show his intelligence, charisma, humour, & he is so down to earth, absolutely amazing. He seemed to bounce off JR, & his speech, well you would never have known, there had ever been a problem, my goodness, what a mountain he has climbed, in such a short time, I am so proud for him, I can't seem to find the words, that really, could do that interview justice, apart from way ya go Gareth, just fantastic. :cheer: Luv Sandy.x
  13. Sorry, must have hit a wrong button somewhere, should'nt have a twin As you can see, my comp, knowledge is pretty dismal, & as this is a new comp, I'm just getting use to it, well thats my excuse anyway!lol :wink: Luv Sandy.x
  14. I agree with you Snowdrop, very opened minded from JP, how refreshing! As far as the housewives bit, I think its a macho thing, that they don't like to admit, they could possibly like a ballad, when most of us girlies know, that simply is'nt true, maybe there are a few, but their the sort of men, that like looking into mirrors, & lack a soul. I'm so looking forward to the next couple of months, all the promotion, & finally April, when we can buy the new single. Luv Sandy.x
  15. Thanks again, to this site for the wonderfull e-mails, that have kept me well up to date, with anything thats going on, I managed to listen to the 4 snippets of music on myspace, (would'nt play for me yesterday, must have been a total melt down, with everbody trying to listen,lol) can only say, it makes me realise, how much we have missed Gareth, & that wonderfull voice, which now has a more rich, & mellow sound, much like the man hiself. Loved, all 4, especially "Lost in You", but think "Changes", will be so much better, when we can listen to the whole song. IMHO, I think Gareth could sing with his head stuck in a bucket, & it would still sound brill, his voice is second to none, & as I've allready said has just got better. Luv Sandy.x