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Gareth re-assurance re his singing voice

After a worrying few weeks for the fans, Gareth’s message reassures us his voice is on the mend and he is taking care of it.

Hey everyone!
It’s been a bit of a scary few weeks. I’ve never lost my voice before!!
It wasn’t feeling quite right when I performed a month ago but I got through most of the first few dates.. Then I sneezed and lost it totally…! I’ve seen Doctors, ENT specialists and found a great new vocal coach.
I’m happy and relieved to say that I’m nearly back to normal!
I bruised / haemorrhaged my vocal cord, but with a lot of rest it’s healing itself well and I’m singing and warming up my voice again.
I’m due to be back singing at Butlins in Bognor this Friday and many more dates after that – but I’ll be taking it easy in between. I’m currently on the way to Euro Disney with my little Princess – no better way to recover!

Look forward to seeing you all at many of the gigs I’ve got coming up soon! Thanks for all your support means so much as always