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Graham Norton interview, BBC Radio 2, 19th May

Gareth Gates and Graham Norton at BBC Radio 2

Gareth and Graham Norton

Gareth chatted to Graham Norton about his upcoming appearances in Momentous Musicals, Loserville and his transition into musical theatre, and how he’s enjoying spending time at home while working in Leeds.  His mum makes him a packed lunch each day!

If you missed it – listen here:

You can also download the podcast, which features an abbreviated version of the interview here.  (or right click to save from this link)

He also took the opportunity to have a go on the piano!

Gareth on the Radio 2 piano

BBC Breakfast and Graham Norton

Gareth will be on BBC Breakfast News tomorrow, Monday 14th May, on BBC1.  He is predicted to be on at about 8:20am.

Next Saturday (19th May), Gareth will be on the Graham Norton radio show on BBC Radio 2.  That show runs from 10am – 1pm, but Gareth is expected on there at 12:30pm.

Visit the GPG forum for more details and to discuss it.