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Backstage at Loserville

With rehearsals well underway at Loserville, Gareth has filmed a couple of video clips telling us more.

Rehearsals for Loserville start

Last Monday was the first day of Loserville rehearsals, starting with a meet and greet, and read through of the script.  The good people at the West Yorkshire Playhouse saw fit to record it, and made it into a video!

Loserville is on at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds from 18th June to 14th July, and you can find out more and buy tickets at

Graham Norton interview, BBC Radio 2, 19th May

Gareth Gates and Graham Norton at BBC Radio 2

Gareth and Graham Norton

Gareth chatted to Graham Norton about his upcoming appearances in Momentous Musicals, Loserville and his transition into musical theatre, and how he’s enjoying spending time at home while working in Leeds.  His mum makes him a packed lunch each day!

If you missed it – listen here:

You can also download the podcast, which features an abbreviated version of the interview here.  (or right click to save from this link)

He also took the opportunity to have a go on the piano!

Gareth on the Radio 2 piano

Radio Leeds with Liz Green, 16th May 2012

Liz Green and Gareth Gates at BBC Radio Leeds

Liz and Gareth

Gareth popped into BBC Radio Leeds to have a One on One chat with Liz Green.  The interview lasted an hour, and covered a lot of Gareth’s background and career, from back when he was a choir boy at Bradford Cathedral, singing for the Queen through his pop career to his time in musicals.   Liz particularly loved Gareth in Les Misérables, and Loserville got a big old plug.

Gareth also picked some of his favourite songs to play.

The full interview with Liz (minus the music) is available on YouTube.

BBC Breakfast: Fostering Fortnight

Gareth was on BBC Breakfast this morning.  He was talking about his experiences growing up in a family that took in foster children as part of an awareness raising campaign for Fostering Fortnight and the 22 Minutes campaign.

Gareth Gates talks fostering on BBC Breakfast

Gareth’s interview starts at 3 minutes into the clip.

Gareth also manages a quick plug for Loserville, describing it as a fun show – and one where he’s going to need an American accent!

Loserville, West Yorkshire Playhouse: 18th June – 14th July

The West Yorkshire Playhouse has announced Loserville as this year’s feature production.  It will star Gareth Gates in the role of Eddie, along with  Aaron Sidwell, Lil’ Chris, Eliza Hope Bennett, and Charlotte Harwood.  

It is a co-production between West Yorkshire Playhouse, Kevin Wallace for First Act! Limited and Youth Music Theatre UK.

From the theatre website:

Welcome to Loserville. It’s 1971. Michael Dork may be a computer geek but he’s invented something that could change the world. He’s also discovered girls: a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary.

Holly is the girl: she has looks and brains and wants to be the first woman in space – well, this is 1971! But will she want Michael? Eddie wants a fast ride to the top and doesn’t care who gets trampled along the way. Leia just wants Eddie. Or Eddie’s babies – well, she thinks she does. Michael’s friends are all set to change the course of history, fashion and dating – in no particular order, but just as soon as possible, especially the dating bit.

Loserville is a new musical written by Elliot Davis and James Bourne (inspired by his Son of Dork album Welcome To Loserville). Now meet the Class of 1971. This is their story and now it’s a musical.

Aaron Sidwell (Michael Dork), Eliza Hope Bennett (Holly) and Gareth Gates (Eddie)

Dan Wooller/



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