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At A Glance

Gareth, together with Michael Courtney & Company, have now finished the Spring tour of Mad About the Musicals visiting some 44 theatres around the country.

During this time Gareth grew a beard!

New Profile pic.jpg

He has now returned to the role of Willard in Footloose the Musical.

(But the beard has gone)!!

I’ve had to shave my beard off ? BEYOND GUTTED. The things you have to do as an actor ?


We hope Gareth enjoyed his 32nd birthday, where it seems he was treated to a surprise much needed short break away and look forward to him visiting a Holland and Barrett store near ‘Anyone Of Us’ soon, as he continues to promote his Cuppanut Tea.

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At A Glance

What do Footloose The Musical Tour, Mad About The Musicals Tour and Cuppanut Tea Range  have in common-Gareth Gates?!

Gareth has been receiving rave reviews for his appearance as Willard during his Footloose Tour (the first leg ending 16/4/16). He together with Michael Courtney and the girls, head off on tour with Mad About The Musicals (beginning 21/4/16).

During Gareth’s short five day break between these tours he has slotted in launching a new Coconut Tea Range (18-21/4/16)!

It makes for exhausting reading!  Gareth quite obviously likes a challenge!

Whatstonstage in their review of Gareth in Footloose, talk of more challenging roles. Sorry but we may have to wait until he resumes the second leg of the Footloose Tour ( 20/6/16 till late 2016)!

But it’s Gareth Gates (on tour with the show on certain dates) who surprises. He’s super. Chockablock with full-bodied magnetism and stage presence, with a mellifluous voice and above all very funny, he steals the show. It made me think that I’d like to see him in more, shall we say, challenging roles.

We wish Gareth lots of energy for this exciting year and hope he (together with all its consumers of Cuppanut Tea), have a relaxing time drinking the Coconut, Cranberry and  those Ginger & Turmeric infusions.



Please note:

This is an unofficial fan-site, and we have no direct contact with Gareth Gates or his management.  Gareth’s official website is

At A Glance

New Year 2016 begins with a bang for Gareth!

Not just one but two tours! (how does he do it)?

Gareth begins end of January 2016 with Footloose the Musical Tour, where he plays the part of Willard (the non-dancer who learns to dance).  Well Gareth(who, ever humble, always declares himself a non-dancer )is both singing and playing guitar  but will no doubt be good at dancing, when he appears on that stage (due to his relentless work ethic).

Gareth appears till 16th April 2016 before rejoining the Mad About The Musicals Tour on 21st Apri 2016l till 18th June 2016, where he performs with Michael Courtney and the female cast.

It’s back to the Footloose Tour from 20th June 2016 onwards.

The whole schedule reads like this  Wow!

Lots of luck Gareth. We look forward to seeing you on stage many times, in many different locations, around the country.



Please note:

This is an unofficial fan-site, and we have no direct contact with Gareth Gates or his management.  Gareth’s official website is


At A Glance

As Christmas approaches and the year is drawing to a close, we reflect on another very busy year for Gareth.

October & November saw Gareth singing many new songs, together with  great reviews for the  Mad About The Musicals Show, with Michael Courtney as they toured theatres around the country.

Gareth then jetted off  for Asia, performing at the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur for their prestigious ‘Journey Through Time 2015’ showcase,. confirming to the fans ” What an epic trip in Asia. Met some new friends and inspiring people”.

With the odd jet lag tweet, Gareth began rehearsing his Prince Charming role for his Christmas season in Panto, where he has a ball!  Oh and he found time to invest in a Racehorse too!  No name as yet but some clever person suggested GG!

Only this week a six page OK! magazine feature on Gareth and his girlfriend Faye have let us into their world, revealing a little of their lifestyle and plans for the future. We are hoping Gareth’s “a year of hell” regarding his vocal chord haemorrhage, which he talked so honestly about, is at an end and his recovery is continuing.

With another busy year for Gareth approaching as he plays the role of Willard in the forthcoming Footloose The Musical Tour and a 2016 Mad About The Musicals Tour too, we would like to take this opportunity of wishing Gareth and his fans a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Before we go- Here’s a quick reminder of that lovely Gareth voice and that lovely Gareth haircut!

Click Here



Merry Christmas everyone!





At A Glance

April, May, June and July 2015 saw Gareth singing to packed audiences, in different Haven locations around the country, on his Haven Tour. During this time Gareth took time out (looks like it was from the gym), in order to record a message to thank the fans for all their Birthday wishes.

Gareth’s Birthday Message

29/07/2015 Gareth had to take a break from all singing events, in order to recover from an operation on his Vocal Cords:

Hey Everyone

Just to let you all know that Gareth has had his steroid injection in his vocal cord today, is through recovery and has ordered food. He’s starving hungry as he’s not eaten today.. So he is doing well!.. Being looked after by mum Wendy and girlfriend Faye, so he’s in good hands!
We will update you again in due course. But all went very well.
Thanks to everyone for their best wishes

Gareth HQ x

Gareth has confirmed several visits to his Harley Street doctor, following the operation and fingers crossed he has now been given the all clear to recommence his busy schedule of singing dates – beginning with  MAD ABOUT THE MUSICALS TENTH ANNIVERSARY TOUR in October 2015.

During Gareth’s time of forced refraining from speaking, he ventured onto Instagram where, among photos of family, friends and special people in his life,we are seeing some of his culinary delights and handicrafts. Oh and he shared with us a new hairdo!

(Thanks Dorral for your photo skills)

Any day now we are hoping for an announcement rehearsals are commencing for Gareth’s new up and coming tour, with his vocal cords fully restored and ready to once again entertain those audiences, with that very special voice.

We wish you well Gareth.



Please note:

This is an unofficial fan-site, and we have no direct contact with Gareth Gates or his management.  Gareth’s official website is


At A Glance

As Gareth continues to combine  remaining dates of his Solo Tour with his Summer Haven Tour  (together with musicians Adam Falkner, Adam Wakeman and of course fans favourite – guitarist Pete),  travelling around the country entertaining crowds (according to this week’s press Standing Room only), with renditions of his greatest hits and his personal favorites.

Mad About the Musicals Tour begins in October 2015 followed by Prince Charming in Panto once again in December/January. (The death of Co-star Keith Harris in Panto has forced the promoters to remove current advertising from Gareth’s Official Site but Gareth’s management have confirmed Gareth is still starring- thanks to Maria for enquiring on our behalf).

In between performing and on a couple of his rare days off, Gareth has managed to partner his mom to the Tesco Mum of The Year Awards and his daughter Missy to the Premier of Peppa Pig: the Golden Boots.

In his busy schedule Gareth always makes time for his charity appearances. One such Gala Charity Night In Dartford, Kent Gareth’s performance was recorded.

Click on the link below for a treat we hadn’t anticipated:


With Gareth sharing banter on Twitter with Composers Stiles and Drewe and references to the production of Three Little Pigs as well as him showing off his new physique, following those sessions in the Gym with Vaintrain sponsorship  and talk of sun tan ranges,  who knows what other surprises Gareth has  in store for 2015??




Please note:

This is an unofficial fan-site, and we have no direct contact with Gareth Gates or his management.  Gareth’s official website is